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schuylkill county commissioners meeting agenda january 27 2021

There’s not much Earth-shattering legislation on Wednesday’s Schuylkill County Commissioners meeting agenda.

One day, we’ll have to look into all these contracted care providers for Children & Youth and other service-based departments the county government runs. Every week, it seems like we’re approving contracted services by the handful within these departments.

Until then, and probably after then, too, the county just keeps on approving all these companies for contracts. Should we just assume they’re all doing a good job?

Every once in a while, it’d be nice if the county was more up front on the performance of these companies; let the people know we’re actually keeping an eye on the money we spend on these services.

There’s precedent for that, of course. The near future sounds like a good time to revisit the old MH/MR scandal that once rocked the courthouse.

But other than those contracts and a few announcements on intentions to apply for grants or approve more spending – budget adjustments from last year – there’s not much on Wednesday’s agenda. So, it’ll be a short meeting and that’s really how the Commissioners like it best.

Schuylkill County Commissioners Don’t Like Meeting in Public

Sure, no one likes a long meeting. But at the height of the public criticism being lobbed weekly at the Schuylkill Commissioners, Chairman Boots Hetherington routinely acted annoyed by the length of these meetings.

And really, the meetings weren’t that long. One ran for about 45 minutes one week and you’d swear he had ANOTHER JOB to do elsewhere by the way he was acting.

Especially during a time when the Courthouse isn’t as accessible as it should be – since it’s OUR Courthouse – you’d think spending an hour or so with the public once a week wouldn’t seem like such a bother.

There’s a Catch 22 here though. The more these guys get together, the more money they agree to spend. And they could stand a break from that activity for a while.

Call-in Information, Agenda for January 27, 2021 Meeting

To listen in to the Schuylkill County Commissioners meeting on Wednesday, follow these instructions:

  • Phone 301-715-8592
  • Enter Meeting ID: 954 1704 0852 followed by the # key twice
  • Then enter the Passcode when prompted: 332102
Agenda 1-27-21

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