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schuylkill county commissioners erasing public comments from record

Not only is Schuylkill County Commissioners Chairman Boots Hetherington choosing not to read public comments critical of his administration’s policies and decisions, public comments aren’t being recorded on official meeting minutes.

This has been going on for more than 3 months.

We just reported that Hetherington is also refusing to read comments he feels are redundant or inappropriate in nature during meetings.

Schuylkill County Commissioners Striking Public Comments from Meeting Minutes

The Canary analyzed official minutes from Schuylkill County Commissioners meetings through 2020, and here’s what we found:

Public comments were included on official meeting minutes for sessions held up to and including Sept. 2, 2020. After that, they’re not included.

It’s as if they never happened.

Now, this may sound like a picayune issue but it really underscores the effort being taken by the currently assembled board of Schuylkill County Commissioners to squash any sort of dissent. Nearly all the comments submitted for these meetings were negative in tone, very critical of the Commissioners’ actions.

Should anyone in the future choose to look at these minutes, they’ll never know of some of the discontent that existed among the public toward the Commissioners.

Erasing the Dissent

“It’s very 1984,” someone who’s read that book might say.

Here’s a look at the last 20 meetings Schuylkill County Commissioners have had and whether or not their official meeting minutes include public comments. It’s a pretty simple table showing a clear time when the minutes no longer included public comments and a definite pattern that showed minutes prior to Sept. 9 did include those comments on the official record of the meeting:

Meeting DateComments in Minutes?
Dec. 2NO
Nov. 25NO
Nov. 18NO
Nov. 12NO
Nov. 5NO
Oct. 28NO
Oct. 21NO
Oct. 14NO
Oct. 7NO
Sept. 23NO
Sept. 16NO
Sept. 9NO
Sept. 2Yes
Aug. 26Yes
Aug. 20Yes
Aug. 12Yes
Aug. 5Yes
July 22Yes
July 15Yes
July 8Yes

In case you’re wondering, a clerk records every County public meeting. They take that recording an put together a written timeline of the events of that meeting. Discussions are included as are roll call votes. So, the public can see how each Commissioner voted on a particular issue.

At the next public meeting, the Commissioners review the official minutes and then approve them for the record.

Schuylkill County Self-Congratulatory Committee Notes Included

But while mostly negative comments from the public are being omitted from the official record, the County chooses to include the minutes of its self-congratulatory committee. Any time someone from the County had something nice to say about another County employee, those comments are included in the official minutes.

And any time a Commissioner wanted to virtue signal and thank people like first responders or “front line workers” or some other group they feel needs pandering, those comments are included in the minutes, too.

So, let the record show, the County is very proud of the work it does.


But what you won’t read on the official meeting minutes is that time Schuylkill Clerk of Courts compared Hetherington to Hitler for his proposed public comment rules: Schuylkill County Commissioners Think Twice on Comments Rules – Boots Compared to Hitler

The Commissioners approved their new public comment rules back on Oct. 21.


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