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Gas Tax by State 2020

Pennsylvania gas tax

gas tax by state

Did you know that the gas tax in Pennsylvania is the second-highest in the nation?

And that’s true for both unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel.

The painful truth is that a little more than one-fifth of your bill at the pump in Pennsylvania goes straight to the government.

Pennsylvania Gas Tax 2020

When you pull up at a gas station in Pennsylvania to fill up, you are paying a whopping 58.7 cents in taxes per gallon. This is the second-highest rate in the country and the highest when it comes to state taxes as a percentage of the gas price at 21.7%. If you happen to fill up with diesel, you are also going to pay the second-highest rate at 75.2 cents per gallon.

When you add another 18.4 cents in federal tax for gasoline and 24.4 cents for diesel, you are paying 77.1 cents and 99.6 cents respectively just in taxes for every gallon.

By the way, this high rate is the result of Act 89, which was signed by Governor Tom Corbett in 2013.

What Does the Pennsylvania Gas Tax Fund?

With such a high tax rate on gas, what are Pennsylvanians getting for it? In most states, the gas tax is earmarked to maintain the interstate highway systems as well as bridges. Pennsylvania has more than 1,300 miles of interstate highways as well as more than 25,000 state-owned bridges, the third-largest in the nation.

Keep these infrastructures requires a lot of money, but not all the money from the gas tax goes to PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation). Money from Act 89 also goes into the Motor License Fund for the Pennsylvania State Police and its highway patrol operations.

As for PennDOT, it gets 74% of its funding from gas taxes. It gets the rest from Driver and Vehicle Service Fees (17%) and the remainder 9% from the general sale of bonds, sources of interest, and general tax revenue.

Gasoline taxDiesel tax
California$ 0.6120$ 0.8693
Pennsylvania$ 0.5870$ 0.7520
Illinois$ 0.5498$ 0.6108
Washington$ 0.4940$ 0.4940
Hawaii$ 0.4825$ 0.5030
Indiana$ 0.4662$ 0.5000
New York$ 0.4596$ 0.4527
Connecticut$ 0.4211$ 0.4650
Florida$ 0.4199$ 0.3497
New Jersey$ 0.4140$ 0.4850
Ohio$ 0.3851$ 0.4701
Oregon$ 0.3682$ 0.3605
Maryland$ 0.3670$ 0.3745
North Carolina$ 0.3645$ 0.3645
West Virginia$ 0.3570$ 0.3570
Georgia$ 0.3515$ 0.3933
Rhode Island$ 0.3500$ 0.3500
Nevada$ 0.3378$ 0.2856
Idaho$ 0.3300$ 0.3300
Wisconsin$ 0.3290$ 0.3290
Montana$ 0.3275$ 0.3020
Iowa$ 0.3250$ 0.3250
Vermont$ 0.3101$ 0.3200
Nebraska$ 0.3060$ 0.3000
Maine$ 0.3001$ 0.3121
Utah$ 0.3001$ 0.3001
South Dakota$ 0.3000$ 0.3000
Minnesota$ 0.2860$ 0.2860
Tennessee$ 0.2740$ 0.2840
Massachusetts$ 0.2654$ 0.2654
Kentucky$ 0.2600$ 0.2300
Michigan$ 0.2590$ 0.2630
Kansas$ 0.2403$ 0.2603
Wyoming$ 0.2400$ 0.2400
New Hampshire$ 0.2383$ 0.2383
District of Columbia$ 0.2350$ 0.2350
Delaware$ 0.2300$ 0.2200
North Dakota$ 0.2300$ 0.2300
South Carolina$ 0.2275$ 0.2275
Colorado$ 0.2200$ 0.2050
Virginia$ 0.2195$ 0.2602
Arkansas$ 0.2180$ 0.2280
Alabama$ 0.2121$ 0.2215
Louisiana$ 0.2001$ 0.2001
Oklahoma$ 0.2000$ 0.2000
Texas$ 0.2000$ 0.2000
Arizona$ 0.1900$ 0.2700
New Mexico$ 0.1888$ 0.2288
Mississippi$ 0.1879$ 0.1840
Missouri$ 0.1742$ 0.1742
Alaska$ 0.1466$ 0.1440


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