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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf described the violent protests and riots in Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday as a peaceful protest.

Civil unrest was reported for a second consecutive night in Philadelphia following the police shooting of Walter Wallace. Wallace, on Monday, refused to drop a knife when confronted by city police. And when he made a move toward responding officers, they fired on him. Wallace died a short time later at a Philadelphia hospital.

Those who believe every police-involved shooting of a black man are unjustified quickly started spreading a narrative that Wallace suffered from a mental illness. They do that to somehow defend “defunding the police” and creating squads of social workers instead to respond to potentially dangerous incidents.

Liberals Claim Walter Wallace Suffered a Mental Illness

No one has stated what mental illness Wallace suffered from though some speculation is that he was autistic. That same excuse was used in a recent police-involved shooting in Lancaster. That was found to be untrue.

Of course, before any facts about the circumstances of Wallace’s death were known, the police-involved shooting touched off protests.

And liberals in Pennsylvania and across the country quickly rushed to Wallace’s defense, including Presidential hopeful Joe Biden, again not knowing the circumstances.

That group of bleeding hearts included Wolf, who at a press conference on Tuesday, described the reaction to Wallace’s shooting as a peaceful protest.

“I share in mourning with the family. Any time that happens is a tragedy,” Wolf said. “We need to make sure we follow up and find out what happened. The hope is that doesn’t escalate into anything more than the peaceful protests that this kind of situation brings out.”

Maybe Wolf wasn’t up to speed on the news out of Philadelphia. Or maybe he’s just ignorant. Our bet is on the ignorance.

Tom Wolf Says Philadelphia Riots for Walter Wallace are “Peaceful Protests”

Perhaps it’s true that protests in Philadelphia started peacefully but things got out of hand quickly.

You have to do a little digging on social media to find video of these protests turning ugly as social media companies continue to suppress anything that might make Democrats like Wolf, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, or Biden look bad in the days before the election.

But things definitely turned ugly and Wolf surely knew about it before making his ridiculous comment on Tuesday.

Here’s video of one skirmish on Monday:

And here’s some video of protesters peacefully burning a police cruiser in the middle of the street. This is from a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter. Check out the replies to her post to see the reactions of people cheering on this style of “peaceful protest”:

Everyone knows you can’t have a peaceful protest without a healthy dose of looting. Chopper 6 surprisingly didn’t turn away to not show what was happening at this Foot Locker location on Monday:

According to OANN’s Jack Posobiec, a total of 12 Philadelphia police officers were injured during Monday’s peaceful protest, including a female sergeant who got run over by a peaceful truck attack.

Philadelphia Riots Continue Tuesday Night

Philadelphia spiraled out of control on Tuesday during a second night of rioting … sorry, second night of peaceful protests.

Here’s footage of the aftermath of looting at a store called Rainbow:

It was a chilly night so you have to set fires in the street:

Looters ransacked numerous stores, including twice hitting a Walmart. Here’s a clip of a Dollar Tree getting the peaceful protest treatment:

This T-Mobile store was destroyed in the peacefulness:

And protesters even looted a Rite Aid store in Philly, too:



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