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schuylkill county polling locations 2020

Election Day is almost here and if you’re keen on actually going to the polls to cast your vote in the 2020 General Election, you need to know where to go.

Some Schuylkill County poll locations have recently changed to allow for more social distancing amid the COVID-19 response, so check for your precinct below.

If you have any questions on where to vote, check with Schuylkill County Election Bureau at (570) 628-1467.

2020 Schuylkill County Polling Locations – General Election

Here are the most recent polling locations across Schuylkill County:

Ashland Polling Locations

  • Ashland-1: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 35 N. 9th St.
  • Ashland-2: Zion’s Reformed Church, 2400 Centre St.

Auburn Polling Location

  • Auburn-1: Auburn Fire Co., 131 S. Front St.

Barry Township Polling Location

  • Barry-1: Barry Twp. Community Center, 868 Deep Creek Rd.

Blythe Township Polling Location

  • Blythe-1: Good Will Hose Co

Branch Township Polling Location

  • Branch-1: Branch Twp. Municipal Bldg., 46 Phoenix Park Rd.

Butler Township Polling Locations

  • Englewood: Friendship Fire Co., 147 N. 7th St.
  • Fountain Springs: American Fire Co. #1, 2 Fountain St.
  • Lavelle: Lavelle Fire Co., 409 Main St.
  • Northeast: Girardville Municipal Bldg., 4th & B Sts.

Cass Township Polling Locations

  • North: Clover Fire Co., 8 Clover Rd.
  • South: South Cass Fire Co., 14 Water Lane

Coaldale Polling Locations

  • East: Borough Hall, 221 3rd St.
  • West: Coaldale Complex Bldg., 150 W. Phillips St.

Cressona Polling Location

  • Cressona-1: Borough Hall, 68 S. Sillyman St.

Deer Lake Polling Location

  • Deer Lake-1: Deer Lake & W. Brunswick Fire Co. #1, One Ash Rd.

Delano Township Polling Location

  • Delano-1: Delano Fire Co., 1 Birch & Beech Sts.

East Brunswick Township Polling Location

  • East Brunswick-1: Municipal Bldg., 35 W. Catawissa St.

East Norwegian Township Polling Location

  • East Norwegian-1: Municipal Bldg., 593 Port Carbon-St. Clair Highway

East Union Township Polling Location

  • East Union-1: Township Bldg, 10 E. Elm St.

Eldred Township Polling Location

  • Eldred-1: Evangelical Congregational Church, 247 Zion Church Rd.

Foster Township Polling Location

  • Foster-1: Mt. Pleasant Fire Company, Buck Run

Frackville Polling Locations

  • Middle: Senior Citizens Bldg., 130 E. Frack St.
  • North: Senior Citizens Bldg., 130 E. Frack St.
  • South: Good Will Fire Company, 225 S. Balliet St.

Frailey Township Polling Location

  • Frailey-1: Donaldson Fire Company, 1 W. Center St.

Gilberton Polling Location

  • Gilberton-1: American Hose Company, 2315 High Rd.

Girardville Polling Location

  • Girardville-1: Girardville Municipal Bldg., 4th & B Sts.

Gordon Polling Location

  • Gordon-1: Gordon Municipal Bldg., E. Plane & Otto St.

Hegins Township Polling Locations

  • Hegins-1: East Hegins Fire Company Bldg., 720 E. Chestnut St.
  • Hegins-2: West Masonic Temple, 1007 W. Maple St.

Hubley Township Polling Location

  • Hubley-1: Sacramento Fire Company, 2206 E. Main St.

Kline Township Polling Location

  • Kline-1: Municipal Township Garage, 5th St.

Landingville Polling Location

  • Landingville-1: Landingville Community Fire Company, 1 Fire House Rd.

Mahanoy City Polling Locations

  • Mahanoy City-1: West End Fire Company, 700 W. Mahanoy St.
  • Mahanoy City-2: Schuylkill Regional Resource Center, 138 W. Centre St.
  • Mahanoy City-3: Municipal Bldg., 239 E. Pine St.
  • Mahanoy City-4: Good American Hose Company, 738 E. Mahanoy St.

Mahanoy Township Polling Location

  • Mahanoy Township-1: Mahanoy Township Municipal Bldg., 1010 W. Centre St.

McAdoo Polling Locations

  • McAdoo-1: Keystone Fire Company #1, 51 N. Hancock St.
  • McAdoo-2: The Strand, 110 W. Blaine St.

Mechanicsville Polling Location

  • Mechanicsville-1: Borough Hall, 918 1st St.

Middleport Polling Location

  • Middleport-1: Citizens Fire Company, 29 Washington St.

Minersville Polling Locations

  • Minersville-1: Water Authority Municipal Bldg., N Delaware Ave. & Carbon St.
  • Minersville-2: Mountaineer Hose Co., 3 South St.
  • Minersville-3: Minersville Fire & Rescue (Rear), 511 Sunbury St.
  • Minersville-4: New Minersville Fire Company, 500 Line St.

Mount Carbon Polling Location

  • Mount Carbon-1: Mt. Carbon Fire Company (lower level), 122 Main St.

New Castle Township Polling Location

  • New Castle-1: Municipal Bldg., 248-250 Broad St.

New Philadelphia Polling Location

  • New Philadelphia-1: Good Intent Fire Company, 15 McComb St.

New Ringgold Polling Location

  • New Ringgold-1: New Ringgold Community Fire Company, 25 N. Railroad St.

North Manheim Township Polling Locations

  • North Manheim-1: Schuylkill County Agricultural Center, 1202 Agricultural Center Dr.
  • North Manheim-2: Supervisors Bldg., 303 Manheim Rd.
  • North Manheim-3: Blue Mountain High School, 1076 W. Market St.

North Union Township Polling Location

  • North Union-1: Municipal Bldg., 185 Mahanoy St.

Norwegian Township Polling Locations

  • Norwegian-1: Currans Seltzer Hose Company, Main St.
  • Norwegian-2: Marlin Municipal Bldg., 506 Maple Ave.

Orwigsburg Polling Locations

  • Orwigsburg-1: Veterans Memorial Bldg. Room 1, 300 Grove St.
  • Orwigsburg-2: Veterans Memorial Bldg. Room 2, 300 Grove St.

Palo Alto Polling Locations

  • Palo Alto-1: Citizens Fire Company, 239 W. Bacon St.
  • Palo Alto-2: Borough Hall, 142 E. Bacon St.

Pine Grove Polling Locations

  • North: Pine Grove Hook & Ladder, 1 Orchard St.
  • South: Pine Grove Lions Bldg., 1 Veterans Memorial Dr.

Pine Grove Township Polling Locations

  • Pine Grove Township-1: Township Bldg., 175 Oak Grove Rd.
  • Pine Grove Township-2: Township Bldg., 175 Oak Grove Rd.

Port Carbon Polling Locations

  • Port Carbon-1: Good Will Hose Company, Pike & Washington Sts.
  • Port Carbon-2: First United Methodist Church (rear), Washington & Pike Sts.

Port Clinton Polling Location

  • Port Clinton-1: St. Johns United Church of Christ, Penn St.

Porter Township Polling Locations

  • East: Municipal Bldg., 309 W. Wiconisco St.
  • West: Lions Bldg., 517 W. Grand Ave.

Pottsville Polling Locations

  • Pottsville-1: Schuylkill County Human Services Complex, Bldg 420, N. Centre St.
  • Pottsville-2: Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing & Schuylkill Health, 450 Washington St.
  • Pottsville-3(1): Russell Bldg., 9th St. & Howard Ave.
  • Pottsville-3(2): American Hose Company, 323 W. Norwegian St.
  • Pottsville-3(3): Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing & Schuylkill Health, 450 Washington St.
  • Pottsville-4: Terrance P. Reiley Community Bldg, 216 N. 12th St.
  • Pottsville-5(1): Pottsville Zone, 337 Peacock St.
  • Pottsville-5(2): P.J. McGeever Center, 943 Fairmount Ave.
  • Pottsville-6: Children & Youth Bldg. (Rear Entrance), N. Centre St. & Laurel Blvd.
  • Pottsville-7(1): Yorkville Hose Company, W. Norwegian & 20th Sts.
  • Pottsville-7(2): Life Center Foursquare Church, 2300 Mahantongo St.

Reilly Township Polling Location

  • Reilly-1: Newtown Volunteer Fire Company, 28 Wood St.

Ringtown Polling Location

  • Ringtown-1: Ringtown Area Senior Center, 104 W. Main St.

Rush Township Polling Locations

  • East: Hometown Fire Company, 45 Mahanoy Ave.
  • Elixir: Hometown Fire Company, 45 Mahanoy Ave.
  • West: Hometown Fire Company, 45 Mahanoy Ave.

Ryan Township Polling Location

  • Ryan-1: Ryan Township Fire Company, 945 Barnesville Dr.

St. Clair Polling Locations

  • Middle: Municipal Bldg., 16 S. 3rd St.
  • North: St. Clare of Assisi, 250 E. Hancock St.
  • South: First Primitive Methodist Church, 115 N. Mill St.

Schuylkill Haven Polling Locations

  • East: Senior Citizen Community Center, 340 E. Haven St.
  • North: Senior Citizen Community Center, 340 E. Haven St.
  • South: Senior Citizen Community Center, 340 E. Haven St.
  • West: Grace Evangelical Congregation Church, 15 Earl Stoyer Dr.

Schuylkill Township Polling Location

  • Schuylkill-1: Mary D Fire Company, 85 Walnut St.

Shenandoah Polling Locations

  • Shenandoah-1: East End Field & Stream Club, 320 E. Lloyd St.
  • Shenandoah-2: Magisterial District Judge 21-3-05 Bldg., 33 S. Main St.
  • Shenandoah-3: Historical Society, 105 S. Jardin St.
  • Shenandoah-4: Polish American Fire Company, 115 W. Center St.
  • Shenandoah-5: Columbia Hose Company, 742 W. Center St.
  • Shenandoah-6: Defenders Fire House, 300 Furnace St.

South Manheim Township Polling Location

  • South Manheim-1: Municipal Bldg., 3089 Fair Rd.

Tamaqua Polling Locations

  • Tamaqua-1: Trinity United Church of Christ, 22 Lafayette St.
  • Tamaqua-2: East End Fire Company, 553-555 E. Broad St.
  • Tamaqua-3: Borough Hall, 320 E. Broad St.
  • Tamaqua-4: South Ward Fire Company, 325 Van Gelder St.

Tower City Polling Location

  • Tower City-1: Christ United Methodist Church, 400 E. Grand Ave.

Tremont Polling Location

  • Tremont-1: Senior Citizens Bldg., 19 N. Pine St.

Tremont Township Polling Location

  • Tremont Township-1: Municipal Bldg., 166 Molleystown Rd.

Union Township Polling Location

  • Union-1: Municipal Bldg., 155 Zion Grove Rd.

Upper Mahantongo Township Polling Location

  • Upper Mahantongo-1: Salem Church of Rough and Ready, 11 Church Rd.

Walker Township Polling Location

  • Walker-1: Walker Township Municipal Bldg 9 Township Rd

Washington Township Polling Locations

  • North: Municipal Bldg 225 Frantz Rd
  • South: Municipal Bldg 225 Frantz Rd

Wayne Township Polling Locations

  • Wayne-1: Friedensburg Fire House Route 443 & Front St
  • Wayne-2: Summit Station Fire Company 88 Firehouse Rd
  • Wayne-3: Wayne Township Municipal Bldg 10 Municipal Rd

West Brunswick Township Polling Locations

  • North: West Brunswick Township Bldg 95 Municipal Rd
  • South: West Brunswick Township Bldg 95 Municipal Rd

West Mahanoy Township Polling Locations

  • Altamont: Altamont Fire Company #1 209 S Green St
  • West Mahanoy-1: William Penn Fire Company 166 Mount Olive Blvd
  • West Mahanoy-2: West Mahanoy Township Municipal Bldg 190 Pennsylvania Ave

West Penn Township Polling Locations

  • West Penn-1: Municipal Bldg 27 Municipal Rd
  • West Penn-2: St. Peters Church 184 St Peters Rd
  • West Penn-3: Municipal Bldg 27 Municipal Rd


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