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Most Expensive 4th of July Ever? Cookout Costs Up 30% Over 2019

What’s driving up the cost for this year’s cookout?

The cookout you’re having today or over the holiday weekend is likely the most expensive 4th of July party ever.

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) reports that a cookout for 10 guests will cost $71.22 this year.

This is a 5% increase from last year and nearly 30% higher than 2019. The cost per person is now $7.12, the highest since the AFBF survey began in 2013.

The survey includes items like cheeseburgers, chicken breasts, pork chops, homemade potato salad, strawberries, and ice cream.

“Higher prices at the grocery store reflect a number of challenges facing America’s families. Lower availability of some cookout staples and inflation are hitting people in their wallets,” AFBF Chief Economist Roger Cryan says. “Farmers are also feeling the effects of high prices. They’re price takers, not price makers. Their share of the retail food dollar is just 15%, but they still pay elevated fuel, fertilizer, and other supply prices.”

The survey found significant price increases for beef and lemonade, while chicken breasts and potato salad became cheaper.

The price of 2 pounds of ground beef rose 11% to $12.77, and lemonade increased 12% to $4.19. These increases are due to droughts that reduced cattle numbers and citrus greening affecting lemon production, AFBF says.

On the other hand, chicken prices dropped 4% to $7.83 for 2 pounds, and potato salad prices fell 4% to $3.32. The lower prices are due to stabilized chicken supplies and improved potato crops.

AFBF President Zippy Duvall highlighted that Americans still spend less on food compared to other countries. “As we celebrate this nation’s independence, we also celebrate America’s food independence. And while all families in America are paying more for food than before, we still have one of the most affordable food supplies in the world,” he said.

The Consumer Price Index report shows a 1% increase in food prices compared to last year. The Farm Bureau’s survey focuses on foods common for summer cookouts.

The July 4th cookout survey is part of the Farm Bureau’s marketbasket series, which includes the annual Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Survey.

Volunteers, including Farm Bureau members, collected data from stores across all states and Puerto Rico.

2024 4th of July Cookout Costs

Here is a breakdown of the costs of your cookout on this Independence Day:

ItemPrice% Change (2023)
2 pounds of ground beef$12.77+11%
2 pounds of chicken breasts$7.83-4%
3 pounds of pork chops$15.49+8%
1 pound of cheese$3.57+1%
1 package of hamburger buns$2.41+7%
2 ½ pounds of homemade potato salad$3.32-4%
32 ounces of pork and beans$2.49+2%
16 ounces of potato chips$4.90+8%
13-ounce package of chocolate chip cookies$3.99+2%
½ gallon of ice cream$5.65+7%
2 pints of strawberries$4.61+1%
2 ½ quarts of lemonade$4.19+12%

Need some help planning your next big cookout? We’ve prepared a handy Cookout Checklist that covers all the bases.

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