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If you’re a regular Canary reader, you’ve likely seen a new byline on some stories, especially on state issues.

That’s Elizabeth Louise Faddis, an aspiring writer and journalist, leaning Conservative, from Susquehanna County who recently decided to head back to school, at Liberty University, to earn her degree in journalism.

about elizabeth louise faddis

We here at Coal Region Canary are excited to have Elizabeth on board. She’s extremely talented, hard-working, and ambitious.

Recently, we asked Elizabeth to give us a little background to introduce herself.

About Elizabeth Louise Faddis, Newest Canary Writer

My name is Elizabeth Louise Faddis. I usually write using my first and middle name. People close to me usually call me Libby.

I am currently going back to school for my journalism degree at Liberty University with a minor in politics.

I took a few years off from school after taking class after class and not truly knowing what I wanted to study or do with my life.

Ever since the first grade I’ve always had a bucket of notebooks in my room where I would write stories or my spell out thoughts with a cup of tea.

Growing up I’ve lived in countries like India, Bahrain, Greece, and Turkey, as well as having the opportunity to visit other countries.

Currently, I am also writing with AND Magazine, The Liberty Loft, and The Rogue Review. When I’m not writing I am also working for a local restaurant in my town, The Speakeasy Saloon & Resort, making pizzas.

When I’m not writing my favorite things to do are coffee roasting, scuba diving, fishing, and eating spicy food(particularly Indian or Middle Eastern food). I’m also an avid seafood lover. My favorite sports are hockey and baseball.

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When she’s not writing for The Canary, you can follow Elizabeth through the outlets listed above and on Twitter.



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