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Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

Lockdown Lottery 2 – Will Governor Wolf Move Schuylkill County to Phase Yellow?

tom wolf borg press conference

UPDATE: Schuylkill County Staying Red After Gov. Wolf Announces Round 2 of Re-Openings

Schuylkill County lost out on the first lockdown lottery. Will we get lucky on Friday?

Last week, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced the first 24 counties that get to move from the Red phase of the pandemic response to Yellow.

Those 24 counties moved into Yellow at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

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They include the following Pennsylvania counties:

  • Bradford
  • Cameron
  • Centre
  • Clarion
  • Clearfield
  • Clinton
  • Crawford
  • Elk
  • Erie
  • Forest
  • Jefferson
  • Lawrence
  • Lycoming
  • McKean
  • Mercer
  • Montour
  • Northumberland
  • Potter
  • Snyder
  • Sullivan
  • Tioga
  • Union
  • Venango
  • Warren

More Pennsylvania Counties to Yellow?

tom wolf borg press conference

On Friday, Wolf will announce more counties that move from Red to Yellow. However, they won’t go immediately into the next phase. The governor is going to make those people wait.

We’ll wait to see if Schuylkill County is included in that new list. And we’ll also find out when Wolf has deemed those new counties fit to move from Red to Yellow. In a statement released Thursday, Wolf says that is a “to-be-determined date” in the future.

At the same time, Wolf also extended the Stay at Home order for all counties currently in the Red phase of his maniacal re-opening plan until June 4. The previous statewide Stay at Home order issued on April 1 expired Friday so, of course, he felt compelled to extend it nearly another month.

Remember When This Was About Overwhelming Hospitals?

In Wolf’s amended Stay at Home order signed on Thursday, the governor played his socialist cards once again.

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Remember when these “lockdowns” and “quarantines” started, we were told the reason for them was not to overwhelm hospitals. Well, that never even came close to happening in Pennsylvania.

So, the narrative changed into something totally different.

In the order, Wolf says “This strategic phased reopening of the Commonwealth will be done in the most effective, efficient, and risk-averse method possible to balance our return to economic stability, while at the same time continuing to keep Pennsylvanians safe by controlling the spread of the disease.”

Imagine being so drunk with power to think you can control the economy, keep people “safe” and control the spread of a disease.

No wonder it’s so difficult to get an order in at the liquor stores. Tommy and his commie friends must be sopping up all the booze.

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Don’t Hope, Demand

It’s time people stop hoping that the governor does anything. Demanding it is more appropriate.

We’ve seen comments online where people believe our good or bad behavior will be noticed by state officials and somehow, we’ll get moved to Yellow and Green phases of the re-opening sooner.

Snitches and Karens going to Heisler’s simply to bitch about the people allegedly not wearing masks? Then people saying, “We’ll never get to leave the house again because of those people.” … that’s just sad. You’re not the government’s servant. They serve YOU.

If that’s you, just wrap yourself in white fleece because you’re a sheep.


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Tom Wolf Borg image crudely adapted from Friends of Russ Diamond meme

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