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Liquor sales resumed in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

But in order to get turnt on spirits, you’re going to need to buy your booze online. And you’re going to need a little luck.

Maybe we’ll get a home-court advantage though. The chair of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is our former Congressman, Tim Holden.

He says, “We understand the public wants to have access to wines and spirits during these unprecedented times, but we have a responsibility to mitigate community spread of this virus to every extent possible and make sure our employees and our customers are as safe as they can be.”

Pennsylvania Re-Opens Online Liquor Sales During Coronavirus Pandemic Response

On Wednesday, Holden announced the re-opening of, the state’s ecommerce site for liquor sales. But, there are a few buts:

  • Sales are currently limited to about 1,000 top-selling wines and spirits.
  • Deliveries can only go to home and non-store addresses.
  • Only one order per address will be taken per day.
  • You have a 6 bottle per purchase limit.
  • And access to the site is randomized.

When we tried to get on the site Wednesday, we got the following message:

pennsylvania reopens online liquor sales coronavirus

Access to “Randomized” During Coronavirus Pandemic

Holden says access to the state’s liquor sales site is currently “randomized” to prevent the site crashing from too much traffic. Site access is also limited to keep it open for more than just a few seconds, minutes, or hours.

This hopefully prevents the LCB from running out of the booze ordered online.

“We expect consumer interest and site traffic to exceed what we’ll be able to fulfill, at least initially, so we ask that customers be patient and understand that the PLCB Is doing the best it can under extraordinary circumstances to balance consumer demand and public health,” Holden says.

The LCB says it will consider accepting more sales when it’s ability to fulfill orders increaes.

If you want to try your luck at the state store website, click or tap HERE.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION: Tell us in the Comments below what 6 bottles of booze you’re going to buy if you’re lucky enough to get on the site.


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  1. mike naydock April 7th, 2020 at 6:39 am

    nothing screams “privitization” more than something like this.


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