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Ready for Round 2 of what some call Winter Storm Ezekiel?

Earlier today, the second blast looked more like an impending bust. Now, it looks like an oncoming s*** show.

After getting conflicting reports on Ezekiel, Round 2, we consulted local forecaster Ryan Fannock.

A lot of people trust in local weather forecaster Ryan Fannock. His weather forecasts get thousands of views across Facebook and his website,

Schuylkill County Snow Total – Winter Storm Ezekiel

He’s been sitting on the fence for Round 2 of a storm he doesn’t call Ezekiel.

Well, his final call for Round 2 is out and he’s saying we’re in line for a lot more snow than originally thought.

If you live anywhere but the extreme western reaches of Schuylkill County or the extreme north, you can expect anywhere between 5-10″ of snow through Monday.

If you live in the west, expect 3-5″ he says. In the north, places like Sheppton, Oneida, and McAdoo could get up to 18″ of snow through Monday.

Check out his forecast and the reasons he’s shying on the high side of snow for this storm.

In detail, Fannock writes that you could wake up for work tomorrow and see no snow falling.

“Before you start posting in capital letters the word BUST, please understand something.” he writes. “A lull may form as the storm is getting it’s act together. Once it becomes a powerful coastal storm, the snow will kick into high gear. As of now, I’m not too confident on when the steady snow starts. Once it does, snow will last into the afternoon and taper off in the evening.”

OK, so we’ve crossed off “Post ‘BUST’ on Twitter in the morning” from our Monday To-Do list.

If you want to compare Fannock’s forecast against the other major media outlets in the area, check out:

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