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This Week’s Weather: Indian False Fall Summer

You’ve seen the memes everywhere, no doubt.

We’re right in the middle of a meme worthy weather week here in Schuylkill County.

This timeless classic from pretty much sums up this week’s weather forecast:

Early in the week, it was warm and humid. It was downright uncomfortably muggy on Wednesday. It felt, for a little while, like a second summer.

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On Thursday, we’re expecting some pretty soggy weather. And on top of that, it should only reach about 60 degrees, maybe slightly higher. That’s quite a drop from the humidity and mid-80s on Wednesday.

If you’re prone to getting sick when the weather changes like this, you best call your doctor and order a Z-pack now.

The season just changed to Fall here but it felt like we were in it since the beginning of September, for the most part.

But today, we’d definitely have to call this our second Fall. That makes the last Fall we experienced the False Fall.

Confused? You won’t be when you check out these classic Pennsylvania weather memes. Pay particular attention to the infamous Pennsylvania 12 Seasons memes. Then you’ll pick up what we’re putting down about the messed up weather this week.

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Pennsylvania Weather Memes

Check out these classic Pennsylvania weather memes that showcase our crazy weather this week and year-round.

Just think, it’s only a matter of time when we’re relating to all these memes. And if we’re lucky, it could be this week:

Many Seasons, One Week

Sometimes, we’ll get all 12 of these seasons in a single week.

pennsylvania weather memes

Do you like Pretend Fall or False Fall?

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False Fall sounds a lot better than Second Winter, right?

Just a reminder … this is how it’s supposed to work. Maybe this meme maker was being ironic or didn’t do their research?

These are more like it:

This crazy weather is enough to make people drink. Or at least we can hold Mother Nature’s beer while she plies her handicraft.

The drinking could affect our judgement though. Just look at Shia Lebeouf dressing for whatever comes next:

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Just remember what Ned Stark warned us all. Winter is coming, so enjoy these fleeting days of False Fall. They won’t be around for long. There’s actually a good chance they won’t be around by Friday.

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