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Magen Hall appeared in a New Orleans court on Friday for the Discovery hearing in the Patrick Murphy murder case.

According to sources in New Orleans, nothing out of the ordinary happened at the hearing. The prosecution handed over evidence it had on Hall to her attorney, John Fuller.

That evidence, the Orleans Parish District Attorney believes, is enough to convict Hall on second-degree murder, armed robbery, and obstruction charges.

At the end of the Discovery hearing, Judge Byron Williams scheduled a Pre-trial conference in the Patrick Murphy murder case for July 25 in New Orleans.

On Friday, the Orleans Parish DA’s office was represented by ADA Sarah Dawkins.

Hall stands accused of killing Pottsville businessman Patrick Murphy on February 28 in New Orleans. She’s been in an Orleans Parish jail cell since March 3 after turning herself in to New Orleans police that morning.

Hall is being held on $900,000 bond on all the charges against her.

Magen Hall’s Defense for Killing Patrick Murphy

Eventually now, we’ll get to hear why Hall believes she’s not guilty of second-degree murder.

Her attorney, Fuller, indicated in the past that she did not go with Murphy to the Empress Hotel on the night of Feb. 28 to kill him. Hall, a known prostitute, and Murphy retreated to the Empress Hotel that night (actually the early morning hours of Feb. 28). They entered together. She used her ID but Murphy allegedly paid. But only she left that night.

A hotel employee discovered Murphy’s body several hours later in the hotel room he and Hall rented.

After more than a day on the lam, Hall surrendered to authorities on March 3. Prior, Fuller told reporters in New Orleans to “stay tuned” on a potential other side to the story that night at the Empress Hotel.

What Happens at a Pre-trial Conference?

Our source in New Orleans tells The Canary that unless Fuller files a motion to dispute anything thus far in the case, the Pre-trial conference is a chance for both sides to agree on a trial date.

So, by late-July, we could know when the first phases of the actual Patrick Murphy murder trial could begin.

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