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Flash Flood Watch Until 11 p.m. Thursday for Schuylkill County

  • Heavy rain, thunderstorms, damaging winds forecast for today
  • Nearly 2 inches of rain Wednesday over Lake Wynonah
  • Up to 3 inches of rain in 72 hours over western Schuylkill County

The last few days wrap up one of the wettest months of May at least in recent memory.

And, of course, we’re not done yet.

National Weather Service placed Schuylkill County under a Flash Flood Watch for Thursday until 11 p.m. They say more strong thunderstorms with heavy downpours and strong winds could cause more problems for the area today.

That’s especially true for places hardest hit by rain over the last couple days.

Here’s a look at the NOAA Precipitation map for the 72 hours before 1 a.m. this morning.

These estimates suggest the western half of Schuylkill County received about 2 inches of rain in that 3-day span. The rest of the area got a good inch of rain. Spots in the north, east and west got hit hardest while the center of the county, specifically Pottsville, was spared heavy rains and strong storms for the most part on Tuesday.

Check out the radar loop showing the rain pounding the area in a short time Wednesday, just around the afternoon rush hour.

This map shows the rainfall on Tuesday. That’s when some parts of the area got hit with a hail storm. The same storm touched off an EF-2 tornado in Berks County.

So, are you sick of it yet?

The whole month of May has literally been a wash out. To get an early glimpse at just how wet it is, we consulted an independent weather station based on Fawn Lake inside Lake Wynonah.

According to the data collected there, there have been 22 rain days in May. We’re counting Thursday. That’s just 2 more than a week of days in May that it didn’t rain a measurable amount.

And the total amount of rain collected there in May so far? 9.77 inches. That’s more than twice the average May rainfall. Yesterday at Lake Wydoncha, it measured 1.87 inches of rain.

Want to see if the rain is headed your way today? Check out the local weather radar here

The only good news here is that the last day of May has no rain in the forecast. Let’s end on a good note.


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