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National Weather Service placed Schuylkill County under a Tornado Watch until 10 p.m. Tuesday as severe weather is expected in the area.

This means conditions are favorable for creating tornadoes with severe thunderstorms that may impact the area.

Schuylkill County Tornado Watch – May 28

Schuylkill County is one of many in Pennsylvania under a Tornado Watch. In fact, as of last check 64 of 67 counties are in the Tornado Watch. It’s much easier to list the counties not included in this Tornado Watch. They are:

  • Crawford County
  • Erie County
  • Greene County

Schuylkill County Weather Radar

Does it look like skies are threatening over you in the coal region? Check out our weather radar zeroed in on Schuylkill County. It’s actually more up to date than MOST radars available online.

🗺️ LIVE – Schuylkill County Weather Radar

What is a Tornado Watch?

Weather authorities issue a Tornado Watch when conditions are favorable for tornado activity. Storms moving through the area are known to cause brief tornadoes that could cause widespread damage. The storms moving through Schuylkill County now could produce some hail and damaging winds, short of a tornado.

If a tornado were likely or imminent, this weather alert would be upgraded to a warning.

In the meantime, NWS encourages people in the Watch area to move to interior rooms or the lowest floor of a building whenever possible.

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