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Blue Mountain and North Schuylkill met three times this season in Schuylkill League baseball.

Before Thursday’s league championship game in Pine Grove, North Schuylkill had control of the series. They won each game pretty handily.

But in the final game of the Schuylkill League season, it was the Eagles holding the hardware.

Final score: Blue Mountain 6, North Schuylkill 1

Blue Mountain jumped out to a 4-0 lead before the Spartans came to bat Thursday. And that was all they needed to claim the 2019 Schuylkill League championship.

Here’s the final out captured on the Blue Mountain baseball team’s Twitter account:

And you can see the team’s respected the season-long battle against each other in this follow-up message:

Both teams head to the District 11 playoffs now but their paths won’t cross anymore.

Blue Mountain competes in Class 5A and North Schuylkill is in Class 4A.

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