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If you’re a fan of the 76ers, you’ve seen a fair share of celebrity sightings courtside this season.

For a while, it was Kendall Jenner. M Night Shyamalan sits near the visitor’s bench quite a bit. And Allen Iverson may be bunking at the arena in between home games.

There’s also this guy:

If you’re from Schuylkill County and read the news or are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a photo with County Commissioner George Halcovage in it.

In fact, George Halcovage is in 1 out of every 4.62 local photos on Facebook.

The man is literally everywhere.

On Sunday, those worlds collided. Halcovage was spotted by some observant viewers sitting behind the Sixers basket for Game 4 of their series with the Toronto Raptors.

Here’s a screen shot of your Commissioner downing what appears to be popcorn:

Pretty good seats for the Commissioner, right?

Now, how wise-eyed are you?

Can you spot another Pottsville celebrity in these shots?

Check out this next screen grab of Halcovage enjoying a little nosh. Look to the right of Kawhi Leonard, blurry and almost out of the shot:

You’ve likely seen this guy (the arrow on the right in the photo above) at many Sixers games. He’s parked behind the bench in the players’ tunnel.

It’s former Pottsville Stingers head coach and Philadelphia basketball legend Sonny Hill.

Hill’s now an executive with the Sixers. His main goal right now is helping boost Joel Embiid’s confidence.

Well, we hope Sonny gets Jojo back in the right frame of mind for Game 6 on Thursday.

And if George is going to the game, at least bring home popcorn for everyone?



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