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A security alarm prevented a burglary at Frackville Laundromat last month.

State Police in Frackville ask the public’s help in identifying the man they believe to be that person.

Frackville Laundromat Burglary

On Monday, police released photos of the person suspected of entering Frackville Laundromat in the early morning hours of March 17.

frackville laundromat burglary

Police describe the wannabe burglar wearing “safety yellow” colored work gloves. He’s got on a dark hooded jacked with blue jeans and black work boots. He had light colored facial hair and goatee.

Of course, it’s unlikely he’s wearing that now/ But if you think of someone fitting that description who wore these clothing items, it could be them.

If you have information related to this crime, call the State Police at Frackville at 570-874-5300.

Incident Report

frackville laundromat burglary

State Police say the unknown man entered Frackville Laundromat at about 5:30 a.m. on March 17.

The laundromat’s at 543 Altamont Blvd., in West Mahanoy Township.

After the guy got inside the laundromat, he went to a locked office door. He broke in but tripped the business’s alarm.

That caused the would-be burglar to leave through the back exit.

Police want this guy on attempted burglary charges.

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