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Hall of Fame football writer Ed Bouchette spoke ill of the Pottsville Maroons on Friday.

We think this HOF writer needs a history lesson.

Here’s what happened.

Earlier Friday, Steve Spurrier tweeted a picture of a football proclaiming his Orlando Apollos team champions of the suddenly defunct AAF.

Right now, you may be asking … what’s the AAF? It doesn’t matter. It’s already done.

The season stopped after 8 of 10 games with no playoffs. Spurrier’s team had the best record.

ed bouchette pottsville maroons

Spurrier haters took the afternoon and early evening to give the Old Ball Coach a good ribbing.

Ed Bouchette’s Beef with the Pottsville Maroons

Then, Bouchette retweeted it. And he added a little jape about the Maroons.

“The 1925 Pottsville Maroons tried the same thing,” he writes on his retweet.

His little snark is getting some action on Twitter, too. That means other people think like him … incorrectly.

Maybe Ed was just trying to show off his pretend knowledge of the early days of pro football? He sees a couple links on Page 1 of Google and fires off this poorly aimed dart..

Now, we’re not in Canton here, Ed. But maybe you can pass along the story one more time. And see if you can spot the big differences here:

  • Spurrier claims to have won a championship that never existed. The Maroons won a championship and had it taken away by the NFL.
  • Spurrier’s Apollos didn’t play enough games. The Maroons, according to the NFL, played too many games.

The difference is obvious.

The NFL recognized the Maroons as its champion. You have to do that in order to take it away.

Who is Ed Bouchette?

ed bouchette pottsville maroonsSo, who is Ed Bouchette?

For starters, he’s the guy who doesn’t understand what happened in re: the 1925 NFL Championship.

He covers the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. So, that should tell you a lot right there. He’s been on the job since 1985 in Pittsburgh. He’s also part of the Hall of Fame selection committee.

In 2014, Bouchette won the Dick McCann Award. It’s given by the Pro Football Writers of America. Only one award is given a year.

This all tell us that Bouchette should know better.


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