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Rest Easy Tonight – Cheerleading Drama Settled in Mahanoy City

Seems there is pettiness and immaturity among people who like to call themselves leaders in schools all over the county.

Not only do we have problems at Pottsville Area School District, it exists at Mahanoy Area, too.

According to Shenandoah Sentinel, a federal judge ruled yesterday in favor of a Mahanoy Area student who claims she was kicked off the cheer team due to a social media post.

The post which allegedly led to the dismissal from the varsity team was critical of the school and team. It broke some team rule, apparently.

A federal judge in the case says the school’s arguments are weak and ruled in favor of the student.

Of course, we can’t help but wonder if the parents in this case are guilty of what so many are these days.

They think their child is better than everyone else. Check out this one line from the suit against the school. Trying to enforce that their child should have made the team, the parents state: “To add insult to injury, an incoming freshman made the varsity squad.”

How dare that freshman!

Parents: Sometimes other kids are better than yours at certain things. Doesn’t make your kid any less special. Just means there are better ones at specific things sometimes. It happens. It’s going to keep happening.

Sometimes, those kids are freshmen.


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