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Yuengling looks like it’s ready to roll out some “new” retro cans.

According to the blog “My Beer Buzz“, the Pottsville brewery (and America’s oldest) just approved a retro-inspired can design for Yuengling Premium and Premium Light.

Yuengling 80s Era Retro Cans

The can designs harken back to the late-70s and early 80s.

Check out the images posted on the My Beer Buzz blog. Here’s the Premium 12 oz. can:

yuengling retro cans

From MyBeerBuzz blog

And Premium Light in 12 oz.:

yuengling retro cans

From MyBeerBuzz blog

And don’t forget the Premium pounders:

yuengling retro cans

From MyBeerBuzz blog

Now, see how they compare with the cans from 1979-1980. We found this on eBay going for about $10:

yuengling retro cans

The blog believes Yuengling will roll out these cans some time this year. That would coincide with Yuengling’s 190th anniversary. However, they could be waiting for the 191st anniversary, too.

Yuengling announced new Lager cans for the brewery’s 190th this year.

We say this can is retro-inspired rather than a true throwback. You can see some subtle differences between the old one and the new (besides the rust).

One big change that we hope doesn’t come back with these new throwbacks is the pull-tab top.

That whaaa?

The pull tab or ring tab top looked like this:

And for some reason, people had to do this to drink beer from them:

We think the tip of your nose goes in the little hole. 🤥

Here’s a new video that shows how you were supposed to use these cans:

These things eventually get replaced by the Sta-Tab or Stay Tab, which is just about what you see on cans today. In the 1990s, the wide mouth opening was added to the Sta-Tab and we’ve been busy getting much larger ever since.

My Beer Buzz also reports that Yuengling is getting ready to change the label on its Porter beer bottles, too. Check out the new design over at the Beer Buzz blog.


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2 responses to Throw Back a Throwback — Yuengling to Introduce Retro Cans

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  2. Jim Heston August 4th, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    Cans look great thought I got the wrong beer when I opened the case


  3. Dave September 11th, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    I made a chain from the pull back tabs


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