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Pottsville Sheetz Has Beer

The Pottsville Sheetz now sells beer.

You may have missed the white smoke earlier today. Perhaps you were still blinded by the alleged super moon last night.

Twitter user @distantgrapes confirms this afternoon: Yes, the Pottsville Sheetz has beer.

There’s no stopping Pottsville now.

Pottsville Sheetz Beer Sales

It’s been a little more than 12 years since Sheetz first started selling beer in its convenience stores in Pennsylvania.


On Feb. 2, 2007, Sheetz completed its first alcohol transaction at a store in Altoona. At the time, Stan Sheetz is quoted saying that not too many more stores would get alcohol sales.

According to, it wasn’t until 2014 that Sheetz began selling beer at its stores in central Pennsylvania.

By November of last year, the total number of Sheetz locations was at 108.

In 2017, Sheetz said its goal was to sell alcohol in any store it could in Pennsylvania.

What changed?

It was the passage of Act 39 in Harrisburg in 2016. It’s a bill better known as the Adult Beverage Convenience and Wine Privatization Act. It opened up the typically limited liquor license market in Pennsylvania.

That changed Sheetz original plans for selling alcohol in 2007 to what it is today.

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