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Secret Societies Messages Keep Appearing in Food Packages in Eastern PA

It’s been a little more than 3 years since we and first reported on bizarre messages printed on little slips of paper appearing inside packages of food in Schuylkill County.

And 3 years later, the notes, in various forms, keep appearing.

The Canary has heard from dozens of people since then. And it seems these messages appear in waves. The most recent version we got in a food package (our Golden Ticket, if you will) appears at the top of this article. We’re not the only ones who’ve gotten a note like this recently.

In the last few weeks, several readers have reported getting a similar note. It started back in late-April.

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A reader named Gianna reported getting a similar note in a box of Belvita biscuits at a store in Luzerne County.

“Super creepy and sad to see so many people receiving these,” she writes.

Another Canary commenter named Elizabeth reported finding a note in a box of Milk Duds.

At the Dollar General in New Ringgold, Canary commenter Amy reported finding a note in a box of Hot Tamales candy.

The latest reader to find a note, named Marie, asked in her comment to the original article, “Is no one worried about this?” after finding a similar note in her box of M&M’s.

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What does it all mean? We asked Chat GPT to help.

Now, 3 years ago, we struggled a little to decipher the meaning of the note we found then. There was a lot of gibberish and incoherent thoughts but there did seem to be a common thread through the note: there’s a global conspiracy afoot and people and companies in the highest places are in on it. They’re part of secret societies and obviously, you’re not in on it.

That’s pretty much the theme of the new note we found recently. But to get another take on it, we decided to type the note’s contents into Chat GPT-4 and get its interpretation.

First, here’s the text of the newest note:

SECRET soc. r tied to drugs/riots/terror/m… JFK warn’d of SS. A sign/*word/sumb. sys unites SS. It’s tied to Saturn, Lord o/t Rings/time: Toyota rgs; NBC/CIA’s bird: cross (+) w/ rg/fire (Bayer/KKK); Yale/Harv.’s shield; cube/sq (D. of Ed.); *PYRA’D/A..(Paramt); eye/1/2face/Target; Nazis’ black sun; SPIRAL/e/6/9..(Disney). SS/their agents-fams. create div/n, cond’n’g us 2b control’d. Clues: Nwo-New Age/era..; change; ‘identity’..SS/rels merge: Vat/EU/Mafia/FBI’s rg of stars-dots/rg kis’g; China/Islam’s cres.(cr) w. STAR/ball..; bars/line..(Euro/Fox/CNN); cup/bwl (grail/sports); crown w/ +sw’d (*Aryan Nat’ns-Chr. ID); red/oran/pnk..+/cr..(Crest/Mbol7-11/4c); dbt +Malta +/X (Exxon/Epis..); Hindu’s swastika.. SS front 4 a tiny oldr race call’d Drag’n Kings (royalty’s *origin). DK’s long skulls-eyes/archit. were fnd in *Turkey/India/Eastr Isle..DK’s agenda: surveill’ce state; *caste sys; debt/infla’n; confus’n (crime/shoot’gs/illeg immigr’n/univs-media’s gender ID-pol.); elite’s misogyny/ped’philia. Symbols: DOT/Nra/Dq/Dd/ed. orgs; rainbo/arch/gate; lion; heart; wing-horn’d ojb; keycomr..stone; gems/cryst; *Pillr/wand/arro/tree; bell-clock-Tower; Mt *Zion/Zen: blu +/..(Bk/PfizrFord/Ritz). Sign’g uses: colors: touch’g(rg/chin/ear)freq point’g/dbl /thum up|pinch’g(fngr/lapl)|wink’g/rais’g(foot)..; HAND-fwd/fist(soc’m)/horns/ok..Oprah-Musk/Gop-Dem-school b’rd-local leadrs sign. Signs date 2 Sat’s ‘Goldn Age.’ Symbols: geom/flower/star/Ems/spin’g-like symbols (Bp/MIL/W-M/wheel); fountain; bee/b’fly; snake/S/tongue out(DaSani); torch; UN’s grid/ivy/wb/8/hair-knot/maze (energy symbols); spark/lite w/ cr/rg/mt/dots..(Dole/Post); lamp/lant’n/illuminat..; Ltn’g bolt; tilt’d/alter’d +/..(Dominos/YI/Chvy/Jello/Bai/N’cafe); dart-checkrb’rd; brokn/dif length RAYS; SKULL-BONES/X (Ger. SS); shell; *candl.. Resistance grows: the enemy needs disarm’d pop’ns.

Our first attempt revealed some of Chat GPT-4’s leftist tendencies so on a second prompt to the bot we wrote, “don’t use the phrase ‘conspiracy theories’ or ‘conspiracy theory’” and this is what the artificial intelligence believes:

“This message appears to reference various ideas often associated with secretive societies and symbol interpretation. It seems to argue that secret societies (abbreviated as “SS”) are orchestrating world events and are linked with multiple institutions and symbols across society, ranging from corporations, educational organizations, to religious groups. The societies are implicated in everything from riots to terrorism, and it’s implied that the late US President John F. Kennedy had warned about their influence.

Various symbols are mentioned as being connected with these societies. For instance, the message draws connections to Saturn, known as the “Lord of the Rings”, and many other symbols such as cross with ring/fire, cubes/squares, pyramids, eyes, spirals, black sun, etc.

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Brands and institutions such as Toyota, NBC, CIA, Yale, Harvard, Department of Education, Paramount, and Disney are all implicated. Various other symbols, ranging from geometric shapes to colors, are also interpreted as part of the societies’ messaging or influence.

The message mentions numerous other entities, like the Vatican, the EU, the FBI, and China, along with specific symbolism like the stars and dots ring, the crescent with a star, bars and lines, cups and bowls, crowns with crossed swords, and even colors like red, orange, and pink.

The text refers to the secret societies as a front for an ancient race called Dragon Kings (DK), attributing them as the origin of modern royalty. The alleged agendas of the Dragon Kings are mentioned, such as surveillance, debt, inflation, societal confusion, and misconduct by the elite.

The text also mentions many hand signals and movements which it suggests are coded messages from people involved in these societies. High-profile individuals, such as Oprah and Elon Musk, are listed as potential individuals using these signs.

Towards the end, the text suggests there is a resistance growing against these societies, implying that they seek a disarmed population, which could imply a call to arms or vigilant self-defense.

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It’s important to note that the interpretations here are derived from the text and should not be considered as factual or verifiable information, given the broad and somewhat cryptic nature of the assertions made.”

How Do These Messages Keep Getting In Your Food?

What’s incredible about this story is that after 3 years, apparently no one has been spotted getting these notes inside food packages. Surely, someone has seen it happen and not realized what was happening at the time.

But there have been no police reports filed, that we know of, of anyone getting busted tampering with food packages.

Maybe it’s because the person or persons doing it have the process down pat.

A post from JD Sword at Skeptical Inquirer shows that it can be done rather easily.

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  1. B

    November 26, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    I just found one of these notes while hiking the AT Lehigh gorge state park on 11-26 the message on mine is different also there is many Reddit post about the same notes on the AT within Pennsylvania

  2. worm

    December 27, 2023 at 3:14 pm

    “Our first attempt revealed some of Chat GPT-4’s leftist tendencies so on a second prompt to the bot we wrote, “don’t use the phrase ‘conspiracy theories’ or ‘conspiracy theory’” and this is what the artificial intelligence believes:”

    Had a good laugh at this part, thanks

    • Canary Commenter

      December 27, 2023 at 4:12 pm

      ChatGPT can be a great tool but it can also be a real tool. You’re welcome.

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