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Heavier Canadian Wildfire Smoke to Cover Schuylkill County Wednesday

People with breathing problems should take heed today.

Smoke from wildfires in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, is set to continue wafting into Central Pennsylvania, including Schuylkill County, through Wednesday.

On Tuesday, smoke from the wildfires north of the border was very evident, particularly in northern Schuylkill County. The Shenandoah Sentinel reported on the hazy, smoky conditions present on Tuesday.

Here in the Pottsville area, the smoke wasn’t nearly as thick but did create a light haze over the area. The smell from the fires was very evident, however.

On Wednesday, if some forecasts are to be believed, a heavier smoke and haze should be present in the Pottsville area and all of Schuylkill County, particularly from the late morning through evening hours.

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Here’s a look at smoke forecast maps from predicting just how much smoke we could see on Wednesday:

10 a.m.: Heavier smoke inching toward Schuylkill County …

2 p.m.: Moderate smoke blanketing the area …

6 p.m.: The heaviest smoke cover of the day could ruin your evening outdoors …

10 p.m.: Moderate smoke still covering much of Schuylkill County into Wednesday night …

The ominous presence of this smoke poses potential health risks to residents, particularly those belonging to sensitive groups.

Vulnerable groups that should heed warnings related to air quality include people with heart or lung conditions, older adults, children, and pregnant women. The agency is advising these groups to consider measures aimed at reducing exposure to the smoke.

In light of these conditions, the EPA recommends avoiding strenuous outdoor activities, limiting the duration of time spent outdoors, and even considering rescheduling or relocating physical activities indoors.

Residents who experience symptoms related to smoke inhalation, such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, or dizziness, are urged to go indoors immediately and seek medical attention if necessary.

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