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Kaiser Permanente Acquires Geisinger

The homogenization of healthcare continues.

The homogenization of healthcare in this country, and specifically in the coal region continues today after it was announced Kaiser Permanente has acquired Geisinger.

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Geisinger Health have announced the launch of Risant Health, a new nonprofit organization aiming to expand access to value-based care across the country. Geisinger will be the first health system to join Risant Health upon regulatory approval, becoming part of the new organization through acquisition.

Risant Health was created to accelerate the adoption of value-based care in diverse, multi-payer, multi-provider, community-based health system environments. The organization aims to improve the health of millions by increasing access to value-based care and coverage, prioritizing patient quality outcomes. Risant Health plans to grow its impact by acquiring and connecting a portfolio of nonprofit, value-oriented community-based health systems.

Health systems that join Risant Health will continue to operate as regional or community-based health systems, gaining expertise, resources, and support through Risant Health’s value-based platform. Risant Health will operate separately from Kaiser Permanente’s core integrated care and coverage model but will build upon Kaiser Permanente’s 80 years of expertise in value-based care, Geisinger says in a press release today.

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