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New Year’s Eve Tradition in Pottsville is One of Pennsylvania’s Unique Celebrations

The bottle of Lager raises up at midnight in Pottsville.

new years eve prep pottsville pa

The City of Pottsville is ready to count down the end of 2021 with a party in Garfield Square.

Festivities get underway at 11:30 p.m. in anticipation of the Yuengling Lager glass raising to the sky to ring in 2022 at midnight.

When we visited the Square earlier Friday, the bottle was already raised up (probably to prevent anyone from driving into it) and a video message board in the bed of a pickup truck was showing the time of day.

Just a reminder, if you go out tonight – be it Garfield Square or out to Tamaqua to see 2022 light up over the high-rise building or to a private party – don’t be stupid. Don’t drive intoxicated.

And have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Unique New Year’s Eve Traditions in Pennsylvania

Pottsville raising a bottle of beer to the sky at midnight on New Year’s Eve is a pretty unique tradition, albeit a rather new one.

Prior to the city’s Lager lowering, Pottsville used to drop a ball strung with lights from the top of a flagpole. A report in an old edition of the Republican Herald newspaper, the ball looked a little misshapen as it dropped but the big crowds that turned out for the party around the turn of the Century didn’t seem to mind.

Pottsville is not the only community in Pennsylvania with a unique New Year’s Eve tradition.

Here’s what else is dropped or raised across the state to ring in a new year.

Hershey’s Kiss in Hershey

Fewer things are more iconic in Pennsylvania than a Hershey’s Kiss.

So, it’s only fitting that the world famous chocolate drop gets lowered to the ground on in Hershey on New Year’s Eve.

This will be the 17th year Hershey drops a Kiss.

Strawberry in Harrisburg

For the first time, Harrisburg will drop a strawberry at midnight at the home of the Harrisburg Senators.

Previously, the strawberry was dropped at a downtown hotel, according to

Lebanon Bologna in Lebanon

This is an event on our bucket list.

We’ll bring the bread, mayo, mustard, and potato chips for a big sandwich when the 16-foot log of Lebanon bologna drops to ring in the new year.

A Marshmallow Peep in Bethlehem

A big marshmallow Peep drops from the sky at the Steelstacks in Bethlehem.

A Wrench in Mechanicsburg

The Wrench Drop in Mechanicsburg dates back to 2004 and actually started as an Eagle Scout project.

The wrench pays tribute to the borough’s founding, when wagon mechanics settled there.

Mushroom in Kennett Square

This will be the 9th year a lit mushroom is dropped in Kennett Square.

The party there gets underway at 7:30.

Pickle in Dillsburg

New Year’s Eve in Dillsburg is a day-long event, typically.

It’s not the only place in America to drop a pickle on New Year’s Eve. A big pickle drops in Mt. Olive, NC, home of the company that makes … you guessed it, Mt. Olive pickles.

Red Rose in Lancaster

They raise a red rose in Lancaster.

White Rose in York

And in York, they lower a white rose to ring in the new year.

The roses in each city signify their roots to 14th Century royalty in England.

Of course, a war between Houses Lancaster and York there led to what is famously known as the War of the Roses.

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