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2020 Election

God, Gary Hess, and Mickey Mouse – The Schuylkill County Write-in Votes are Certified

schuylkill county write in votes 2020

schuylkill county write in votes 2020

The 2020 Election in Schuylkill County is officially in the books. Final results were posted on the County website on Monday and that includes the certified write-in votes for the handful or so of races that were on the ballot this year.

And the results this year were about as 2020 as 2020 can be.

The Shenandoah Sentinel publisher Kaylee Lindenmuth whipped together a quick meme to highlight some of her favorites from this year’s write-ins. And this served as the inspiration for this round-up.

Of course, none of these candidates even got close to winning the races for which they were entered, but it’s always fun to look at the people, celebrities, deities, cartoon characters, and even a movie who got people out to the polls in 2020.

But in a year with more local races, you never know if a handful of write-in votes or even just 1 vote could be enough to put someone into office. Crazier things have happened.

Actually, it would be fun to investigate how many elections Mickey Mouse has won across America over the years.

Schuylkill County Write-in Votes in the 2020 Election

So, let’s look at the people and things that got write-in votes cast for them in the 2020 Election in Schuylkill County. We went to the trouble of putting them into these searchable tables. We’ll call out our favorites and some notables among them all.

President of the United State Write-in Votes

Trump, Biden and Jorgensen weren’t good enough for about 153 voters in Schuylkill County this year. So we had a number of write-in votes cast here for President.

The biggest write-in vote getter this year was the Green Party candidate who Democrats forced off the ballot so as not to distract their voters with someone better than Biden. Howie Hawkins, the Green candidate, got 16 write-in votes in Schuylkill County.

Brian Carroll, the Solidarity Party candidate, got 12 votes, the second highest total.

Noted Communist sympathizer Bernie Sanders got 10 people to write his name in for President locally. Kanye got 8 here. Nationally, he did much better. (READ: How Many Votes Did Kanye West Get for President in 2020?)

Some other notables:

  • New York’s lunatic Governor Andrew Cuomo got 4 votes, the same number as God.
  • Anthony Fauci got 3 votes.
  • Betty White, Mitt Romney and Tulsi Gabbard each got 3 write-in votes.

Others who got 1 vote include: Schuylkill County Commissioner Gary Hess, Eric Cartman, Little Marco Rubio, Pat Garrett, Tom Brady, and Vermin Supreme.

Howie Hawkins16
Brian Carroll12
Bernie Sanders10
Kayne West8
Andrew Cuomo4
Anthony Fauci3
Betty White3
Brock Pierce3
Michael Pence3
Mitt Romney3
Tulsi Gabbard3
Andy Beshear2
Barrek Obama1
Colin Powell1
Darryl Lubrid1
David Lee Roth1
Eric Cartman1
Gary Hess1
Jeb Bush1
Jocko Willink1
John Humpf1
Makayla E. Boyle1
Marco Rubio1
Morgan Freeman1
Pat Garrett1
Pete Buttigieg1
Ted Cruz1
Tom Brady1
Vermin Supreme1


US Representative – Pennsylvania 9th District Write-in Votes

Dan Meuser won this race handily and the two biggest write-in vote getters were candidates for other Congressional districts. Republican Jim Bognet secured 5 write-in votes. Matt Cartwright got 3 votes.

Schuylkill County Commissioner George Halcovage got 2 write-ins for the office he once sought.

Others getting 1 vote that we noted: Daffy Duck, noted Pottsville resident George Lord, God, Jesus, the infamous John Liptok, potential future Schuylkill County Commissioner candidate Larry Padora, and former Rep. Tim Holden

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PA State Senator – 29th District

Dave Argall ran against no one this year so the amount of write-in candidates was pretty high, 2,105. That opened the door to some fun write-ins:

Gerald Smith got 108 votes, the most.

Former State Rep. Tim Seip got 48 write-in votes, the second highest.

Others of note and the votes they got for State Senator this year in Schuylkill County: James Rhoades (7), Bryce Harper (4), Kanye (3), Ben Franklin (1), Hank Hill (1), Rusty Shackleford (1), Spy Kids 3: Game Over (1), Thomas Pellish (1), Tim Pellish (1).

Gerald Smith108
Tim Seip48
Tyler Shustack42
Tim Holden25
Gary Hess19
Neil Goodman18
Taylor Picone13
Bernie Sanders9
James Rhoades7
Larry Padora7
Mike Tobash7
Bob Casey6
James Muldowney6
PJ Symons6
Ted Bogosh6
Charles Hepler5
Ian Mahal5
John Matz5
Tom Wolf5
Brian Canfield4
Bryce Harper4
Matt Cartwright4
Michelle Siegel4
Tim Twardzik4
Courtney Puglia3
Jerry Knowles3
Joe Biden3
Kanye West3
Lisa Brinich3
Mike McCord3
Steve Shickram3
Theresa Gaffney3
Adrian Portland2
Al Gricoski2
Andrew Van Arsdale2
Ben Turrano2
Brian Dries2
Butch McCoy2
Champ Holman2
Cheryl Humes2
David Hampton2
Dietrich Vogt2
Emily Hepler2
Ethan Hull2
Jerry Mander2
John Leshko2
Joseph A. Pinkey2
Joseph Barron2
Laura O'Donnell2
Mark Atkinson2
Mikaela Gavaletz2
Ronald Stump2
Serge Storms2
William Kupinsky2
Andrew McAloose1
Andrew Takorczyk1
Andrew Trimmell1
Austin Scandiber1
Barack Obama1
Ben Franklin1
Buddy Touchinsky1
Charles Dries1
Christine Cella1
David E Witman1
Edward Clark1
Gary Bender1
Gary Wegman1
George F Halcovage1
George Scott1
Hank Hill1
James Conville1
James Goodman1
Jeffrey Stone1
Jennifer Moore1
Joann Chuba1
Joe Smith1
John Damroge1
John Desjardine1
John Smith1
Joseph Schlitzer1
Joshua Stoica1
Kenneth Lettich1
Kenny Cruz-Dixon1
Lap Kowsder1
Laura Quick1
Lee Ann Miller1
Maria Casey1
Mark Revenis1
Matthew Jordan1
Max Kelly1
Melissa Sheetz1
Michael Cada1
Michael Oaks1
Michael Zangari1
Mike Vigoda III1
Nicholas Brusch1
Olivia Faison1
Patrick Donaldson1
Patrick Moran1
Robert Felty1
Robert Fritz1
Robert Hoenich1
Robert Keifer1
Rocco Albon1
Rusty Shaklefor1
Shari Frank1
Shawn Gilbert1
Spy Kids 3: Game Over1
Thomas Pellish1
Tim Goodman1
Tim Moyer1
Tim Pellish1
Tim Schultz1
Timothy Schaeler1
Tom Jones1
William Swank1


PA State Representative – 123rd District

Voters in the 123 district in Schuylkill County didn’t get very creative. Just 41 write-ins were tallied. John Leshko, the Republican primary opponent for eventual winner Tim Twardzik, got the most, 6.

God got a vote. So did Humpdy Dumpty (sic).

John Leshko6
Joe Kerwin2
ANgel L Gonzalez-Salen1
Christy Yao1
Humpdy Dumpty1
John Matz1
Kevin Teter1
Martin Salata Jr1
Melissa Clarke1
Melissa Stanberry1
Michael Caoler1
Nathan Lipton1
Robert Umbenhen1
Robert Wagner1
Stan Zuber1
Thomas Colna1
Tim Twardzik1


PA State Representative – 124th District

Same goes in the 124th as it did in the 123rd. Not a lot of write-in votes, just 54. The big “winner” was someone named William Burke who got 3 write-ins. Daffy Duck got 1 vote and so did Jimmy Carter.

William Burke3
Luke Shaunessy2
Beau Wright1
Bill Knecht1
Buddy Touchinsky1
Daffy Duck1
Dave Argall1
Dino Deritis1
Earl Brady Akins1
Flynn Keller1
George Murphy1
Jack Ryan1
Jay Neva1
Jimmy Carter1
Joe Palubinsky1
Keith Krapf1
Mark Andrew Minnich1
Nicole Andel1
Sara Jane Bensinger1
Stan Rogers1
Tim Twardzik1
Travis Miller1


PA State Representative – 125th District

In the 125th, Joe Kerwin ran alone against no one and that seems to be the thing that brings out the creativity in voters. A total of 642 write-in votes were cast. The big winner was a former State Rep. in this district, Tim Seip. The Democrat got 14 votes. Gary Hess got 10.

Others of note:  Kanye (2), Bob Saget (1), Bobby Hill (1), FDR (1), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1), and Vermin Supreme (1).

Tim Seip14
Gary Hess10
John Matz6
Pj Symons5
Tim Holden5
Courtney Puglia3
Theresa Gaffney3
Vicki Harman3
Ashley DeWitt2
Barbara Wagner2
Daniel Wassmer2
Denise Manhart2
Jessee Shay2
Joe Biden2
Joe Sitkowski2
John Reiley2
Kayne West2
Robert Boyer2
Tim Twardzik2
Timothy Runkle2
Tom Pellish2
Al Gricoski1
Alexander Bonwit1
Amy Powers1
Andrea Bracey1
Andrew Tobash1
Anthony Garrity1
Ben Hinkel1
Bob Saget1
Bobby Hill1
Bryce Beaver1
Carl Schenwiler1
Colin Powell1
Craig Shields1
Dale Repp1
Daniel Conville1
Dave Noll1
David Jodnson1
David Ortiz1
Ed Downey1
Franklin Roosevelt1
Gary Wegman1
George Moore1
Gerald Smith1
Gery Mander1
Hank Jackson1
Jacqueline Brusch1
Jared Fidler1
Jeannette Greenhaus1
Jeff Arnold1
Jeffrey Stone1
Jeremiah Johnson1
Joe Biel1
Joe Connors1
Joe Ellis1
Joe Merlin1
Joe Sestak1
John Lena1
Jordan Post1
Joseph Barra1
Joseph Kurtek1
Joseph Whalen1
Judith Sheindlin1
Keith Mason1
Kieith Toolooliki1
Larry Moyer1
Lavern Cox1
Leah Lerbe1
Leroy Boyer1
Manuel Alves1
Maria Casey1
Mariann Young1
Marybeth Matz1
Matt Cartwright1
Max Kelly1
Michael John Barlow1
Michele Browne1
Mike Kerick1
Mike McCord1
Mistie Clark1
Nathaniel A Hafer1
Ralph Fiddler1
Randy Corcoran1
Ronald Deschain1
Ruth B Ginsburg1
Shawn Mallon1
Thomas Meare1
Tom Wolf1
Vermin Supreme1
Wally Burger1
William Conroy1


PA State Attorney General

Mickey Mouse picked up the most write-in votes for Pennsylvania Attorney General in Schuylkill County, 2. God and Gary Hess each got a vote.

Mickey Mouse2
Angel Gonzalez-Soler1
Anya Litwak1
Eric Ramirez1
Fred Yeastedt1
Gary Hess1
George Lobossinis1
Gerald K. Kutz1
James Clymer1
John Liptok1
John Morgan Jr.1
Larry Levy1
Leroy McClure1
Mark Andrew Mumich1
Timothy DeFoor1
Tony Weiss1
William Barr1
WIlliam R Conroy1


PA State Auditor General

No single write-in candidate got more than a vote for Auditor General. Among the notables getting a vote were Al Gricoski, Mickey Mouse, and … actually, that’s really it.

Al Grikoski1
Alan Goodrich1
Anya Litwak1
Bill Cunkel1
Christopher Lombel1
Elizabeth Scheeler1
George Parnell1
Hadrian Vaupel1
John Harley1
John Liptok1
John Morgan1
Jordan Berdanier1
Kyliegh Raunzaugn1
Mark Andrew Mumich1
Matt Fisher1
Michael Lamb1
Mickey Mouse1
Mike Smith1
Mike Yocum1
Nicholas Blum1
Ronald Miller1
Ronald Radel1
Sud Patel1
Thomas Colna1


PA State Treasurer

Finally, for State Treasurer, just one person got more than a single vote, someone named Apache Hardy, who got 2. Notables getting 1 include Kanye and Pete Rose.

Apache Hardy2
Alec Portz1
Angel L. Gonzalez-Salen1
Brett Clark1
Corey Willinsky1
Don Wylam1
Gerald Kutz1
Gerald Salen1
Jeremiah Johnson1
John Kantner1
John Liptok1
John Morgan1
Joseph Baphy1
Kanye West1
Lynn Zelonis1
Matt Cartite1
Michelle Heenus1
Pete Rose1
PJ Simmons1
Rafael Santiago1
Todd Daubert1



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1 Comment

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