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2020 Election

Time to Vote (for Trump), Schuylkill County … FINALLY!

make america great again

schuylkill county 2020 election resultsElection Day is finally here.

And for thousands of Trump supporters in the area, it couldn’t come soon enough.

If you’re like us, you’ve waited 4 years to once again cast your ballot for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And in that time, you’ve been called names: a Russian bot, a Nazi, a white supremacist, a science denier … The left thought of just about everything.

But the one thing the left forgot over the last 4 years is to respect their opponent. And that’s why we believe Donald Trump will be re-elected President of the United States when the votes are finally counted.

Respecting Your Opponent … A Lesson the Left Never Learned

No, the left never came to grips with why they lost in 2016. Instead, they came up with any possible excuse as to why so many Americans would pick Trump over their candidate, as unpopular and unlikeable as she was/still is.

Rather than following these ridiculous conspiracies about Russian collusion, etc., all the left had to do was come to terms with their loss and respect their opponent. They never did and sadly, they never will.

In addition to the crazy conspiracies concerning Russian oligarchs and bribery phone calls with the Ukrainians, the left invented race wars by creating martyrs out of criminals. They politicized a virus and literally had to hold you hostage in your own home to get your attention. They shut down your businesses. They cost you a job.

And it was all because they didn’t respect you and your vote.

That’s literally their loss. And it’ll be their loss again.

Rather than nominate a candidate that could go toe-to-toe with Trump, they elected a political has-been and decided to play dirty.

The Math is in Trump’s Favor, IF …

But a Trump win isn’t going to just happen. A victory in 2020 requires exactly what it took in 2016 … getting out to vote.

In order for Trump to win, you NEED to vote. Without a strong showing on Election Day, Biden could win. But this report from The Washington Examiner shows that the mail-in and early voting – likely mostly Democrats – was not as strong as the Democrats had hoped.

A Trump campaign strategist said this about Election Day in Pennsylvania:

“Democrats have banked a ton of high propensity voters, voters that were going to vote anyway have cast their ballot by mail. We have millions of voters left in Pennsylvania for the president. President Trump’s Election Day margin needs to be big, and it will. We currently project he’ll win the Election Day vote in Pennsylvania by over 1 million votes.”

This is why the Democrats and their friends in the mainstream media have been planting seeds of distrust in Election Night results. They know it’s not going to go well on Election Night, itself. They need the counts from early voting and according to the Trump campaign, they just don’t have those numbers.

Regardless, get ready to hear the phrase “Red Mirage” a lot over the next few days.


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