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2020 Election

Meuser, Pence Say Dems Want to Control Your Lives at Campaign Stop Near Orwigsburg

john pence maga rally schuylkill county (1)
(Photos: Coal Region Canary)

john pence maga rally schuylkill county (1)

(Photos: Coal Region Canary)

The choice voters have in the upcoming election is pretty clear: Do you want freedom or do you want to bow to government control?

On Thursday, Trump campaign senior advisor John Pence, nephew to Vice President Mike Pence, and Schuylkill County’s Congressman Dan Meuser, said it’s pretty obvious which you’ll get if you vote Trump to another four years in office.

“This is what this election is coming down to. It’s about a party that values control more than they value freedom,” Pence told The Canary on Thursday, following remarks he made during a campaign stop at Schuylkill Gun Works outside Orwigsburg. “And when you have leaders in the Democrat party who value control more than freedom, they destroy three things: opportunity, prosperity, and security.”

Pence stressed that the Trump administration is committed to two objectives for a potential second term: “eradicating” the coronavirus from the US and jobs.

crowd maga rally schuylkill county john pence (1)

But it has to be simultaneous.

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“We can’t shut down America,” Pence said during our brief chat. “As the Vice President, my uncle, will tell you, America works when America’s working.

“This virus is a virus,” Pence said. “You can do your best to not get sick but sometimes things happen in our life out of our control. The President is right to say we shouldn’t allow the virus to dominate our lives.”

So, that means no more illegal lockdowns like we experienced here in Schuylkill County.

“It’s encouraging to see that some states are recognizing the Constitutional rights that the American people have are not government-given rights. They’re God-given rights. Our Constitution is never suspended, no matter the crisis,” he said.

Socialism or Not?

US Rep. Meuser (PA-9) wants to get re-elected on Nov. 3, too. He’s facing Democrat Gary Wegman in the General Election.

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Meuser says choosing Republicans like himself and Trump is a choice for people over socialism.

“This election is about people,” he told about 40 supporters who turned up at Thursday’s event along Route 61. “Are we going to be the America that we’re proud of. Are we going to be the America that renews the American dream? Everything that the President does and the Vice President does and, I believe, what the Republicans in Congress do is for the people,” he said.

Meuser says the Republican platform promotes law and order while Democrats want the opposite, at least it seems.

“They seem to work off of disorder,” he said, “Disorder at the border. Disorder in the streets. That’s seems to benefit them and the idea of big government. Every move they make is to gain control of people. Less independence and more dependence.”


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