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New Maroons Bar Owner Dismisses Demolition Rumors

maroons bar pottsville pa

maroons bar pottsville pa

(Photos: Coal Region Canary)

The former Maroons Sports Bar & Grill building in downtown Pottsville recently changed hands once again.

Purchase of the building on North Centre St. was finalized on July 25, 2020, according to the Schuylkill County Parcel Viewer. It, along with two adjoining properties, sold for $190,000, to a Roy A. and Janice C. Smith.

Dr. Roy Smith is the CEO and Founder of Pennsylvania Counseling Services. He recently purchased the former COGI building, also on N. Centre St., to operate his business in the city. The company operates 26 mental health and addiction clinics in 10 Pennsylvania counties, according to the company’s website.

Maroons Sports Bar & Grill in Pottsville Sold Again

Sale on the Maroons property includes 3 lots. It includes the one where the historic building that was last a sports bar dedicated to the memory of the Pottsville Maroons football team as well as an empty lot next to it and a parking lot across N. Centre St., that had last been used for parking for the bar and restaurant.

Here’s a look at the Parcel viewer. The recently purchased properties are shaded in green:

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maroons bar sale

The Canary recently heard rumors that the new owners of the property planned to demolish the former sports bar to create more parking for the existing business down the street.

On Monday, however, someone at Pennsylvania Counseling Services responded to one of our emails to squash that rumor.

maroons bar pottsville pa 2

“That is definitely not true,” the unnamed email respondent wrote.

The parking lot across from the former bar and restaurant will be used for overflow parking at the counseling business located in the 400-block of N. Centre St. The Smiths purchased that building back on June 8 for $550,000, according to the Parcel Viewer.

Someone at Pennsylvania Counseling Services told us there are no current plans for the former bar and restaurant and connecting property, which is an empty lot.

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The Maroons Bar and Grill was last sold at auction in 2015 to R&R Legacy Investments LLC.



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  1. Rob

    August 3, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    What other businesses “down the street” need parking? There is almost always parking available in that section of town. And what rumor is next? The Armory (now YWCA) is getting torn down? Lol
    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a ridiculous one like that or that they’re junking City Hall for more parking nobody really needs.

    • Canary Commenter

      August 3, 2020 at 6:10 pm

      There’s actually not that much parking on the 400 block of N. Centre that’s always open. The Post Office traffic plus traffic in and out of the County building and City Hall use up most of the spots throughout the day. There is parking in the 500 block but if you get the lot with the purchase of the building, why not buy it? Looks like the owner is throwing some money around town. Just a shame that it appears the restaurant building is going to stay vacant. Thanks for quoting our use of “down the street”, btw. If you have more specific language that we should use, let us know.

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