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Who thought this would be a fitting tribute to those who’ve lost their lives to the coronavirus?

On Saturday, someone decided to create a memorial to the 28 people in Chambersburg, Franklin County (PA), who health officials say were killed by the Chinese virus.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say they went about it the wrong way.

Take a look at this foul idea of a memorial:

chambersburg coronavirus display

(Photos: Posted publicly to Facebook)

Only, it’s not a memorial at all. It’s obviously a political message … a very deranged political message, indeed.

And it’s certainly not a proper memorial to anyone who’s lost their life to anything.

Of course, the genius who came up with this idea blamed President Donald Trump for the virus and not the Chinese government. Never mind the fact that at least 6 of Franklin County’s deaths associated with the Chinese virus were recorded in a single nursing home facility in Chambersburg.

chambersburg coronavirus display 2

They also have the handwriting of a child. But that’s impossible to tell if it’s a child that wrote it or an adult with poor penmanship. It could have been an adult with a warped mind who’s now warping the mind of their child, too.

chambersburg coronavirus display 4

They lined up 28 effigies on the sidewalk.

And they even marked one of them with a piece of paper reading “Grandpa”.

The “body bags” remained on the street while it poured rain on Saturday, too. We’re sure “grandpa” would be proud to be left in the rain like this.

And you can’t have a proper Chinese virus memorial or message without reminding people that they should support healthcare workers. Has anyone said they don’t? Ever?

Not only does the messaging suck here, so does their ability to make a sign that’s legible.

And of course, wear a mask.

These photos were posted to Facebook by someone called Carla Seiders Creamer who called the display “powerful”. She spelled “stupid” wrong.


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One response to Sickening Display in Chambersburg Politicizes Coronavirus Deaths

  1. Lizzie May 24th, 2020 at 6:46 pm

    Just want to say this is futile attempt and a deranged message. My sister who is 68 is in a nursing home. She had Covid and pneumonia. She recovered quickly. My nephew, who is 37, also had Covid. He has symptoms of a cold that lingered longer than normal. He recovered. There you go, 2 recoveries, and one with an underlying cause. Stop spreading the deaths…..there are way more people recovering. TY!


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