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We’re not the biggest Pennsylvania political historians. But it’s hard to imagine a crazier time in Pennsylvania political history than right now.

On Saturday, Schuylkill County joined a group of other Pennsylvania counties defying Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision not to move them to the Yellow phase of the state’s pandemic reopening plan.

So, on Friday, we’ll be moving to the Yellow phase even though Wolf says it’s too soon.

That is, of course, unless Wolf plays another card and dreams up some authority he doesn’t have to stop us.

Throughout the Chinese Virus response, Wolf has used unchecked power to call all the shots. He’s said one thing one day and then something completely different the next.

Overwhelming the Hospitals

Remember, at the beginning, the impetus for closing businesses (except big box stores, mostly) was to prevent hospitals from getting overwhelmed. We never got close to that, even here in Schuylkill County.

He said trust the doctors and trust the science. Wolf’s just repeating silly left-wing tropes that have no meaning.

Our doctors and “scientists” say moving to Yellow is fine with them.

Not About the Virus

So, after putting millions out of work (and then his socialist pals tried to blame Trump for the unemployment), the Wolf administration failed to get people the unemployment compensation they deserved.

He then callously told Pennsylvanians who refused to return to work when they’re called because they make more money on unemployment to stay home.

It was at that point, it was obvious this pandemic response wasn’t about the virus anymore. Perhaps, it never was.

Data Driven Decisions

Wolf says he’s using data to make the decisions on which counties move into whatever phase he chooses. But since the beginning, Wolf and the state’s Dept. of Health can’t get the data right.

So, then they said it’s about the data and several other factors. Wolf admitted the decisions were subjective after all.

Now, numerous Pennsylvania counties are saying they’re fed up waiting for Wolf to stop making masks and infographics and hand-washing videos. They want their lives back and they want their jobs back.

No Compromise

Schuylkill County’s decision to phase itself into Yellow flies in the face of Wolf’s presumed authority. Now, the ball is in his proverbial court.

Will the governor react or will he back down? Schuylkill County and the others who chose to openly defy Wolf need to stand their ground.

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  1. PTFloridians May 9th, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    Gestapo Wolf and his gaggle of fools have Pelosi and her ilk on speed dial…what a deceitful, rotten leader.


  2. PTFloridians May 9th, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    Hopefully, resign…


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