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This caught our eye Friday — someone custom painted a McFarlane Sports figure to look like North Schuylkill’s Jaden Leiby.

Check this out from 20-2 Custom Sports Figures:

You’ll remember, Jaden Leiby is the North Schuylkill football player who was seriously injured during a game last Fall. Recently, his progress on what’s expected to be a long road to recovery, was documented by local media. And Leiby recently was able to attend his team’s season ending banquet.

The company 20-2 Custom Sports doesn’t say much about the figure it created of Leiby. But what we do know is that someone commissioned this company to create it, likely to honor the North Schuylkill football player.

Custom McFarlane Sports Figures

If you’re not familiar with McFarlane Sports figures, they’re the incredibly life-like plastic figures often representing superstars in a variety of sports. While they have their own space in the collector market, they’re also very popular for custom jobs like this.

20-2 Custom Sports is hardly the only company out there repainting McFarlane Sports figures. You can check out what’s available online as far as this company and its competition.

But here’s how it works, in general, with all of these artists.

You have a sports star you’d like to honor but it’s likely they don’t have a figure created of them. Contact one of these companies and tell them who you’d like to honor. They’ll match you up with one of the McFarlane figures available and they’ll hand paint the original to look like your favorite player.

These tweets show you how one figure becomes another:

These custom figures are popular gifts to high school or youth sports players as well as the local stars of the past as a way of helping them relive and capture their glory days on the field or court.


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