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Early Runs Suggest 2-8″ of Snow This Weekend

We’re still 3 full days away from the first flakes flying on this weekend’s winter storm. But we’re getting some early indications just how much snow we’re going to get in Schuylkill County.

All the top forecasters The Canary follows seem to agree: there will be a snow storm on Saturday.

Just how much we get seems to be the mystery.

“Winter Storm Jacob” in Schuylkill County: Early Snow Total Predictions

Here’s a rundown of what everyone’s saying and when they said it regarding what The Weather Channel is calling Winter Storm Jacob. One thing also seems clear, that crazy Canadian model that suggested we could get 17″ of snow on Saturday … it may have been a tad off, eh?

Overall, it’s looking like we’ll get between …

  • 2-8 inches of snow
  • Change to rain Saturday night?

We go local first and that means a stop at and his Facebook Group, Weather Talk: Schuylkill Edition.

Fannock’s the one who, a few days ago, posted a pic of a Canadian model showing this weekend’s storm dumping up to 17 inches of snow on parts of Schuylkill County. It was closer to a foot here in Pottsville.

It appears the Canadian model may not have had its stick on the ice. Fannock issued a “First Call” map on Tuesday evening. Here it is:

first call 14th fannock weather

(Image via

You can see he’s got most of Schuylkill County in the 2-5 inches band. Northern Schuylkill County can expect between 3-6 inches if this forecast holds.


“Someone’s going to get 10, 11 inches of snow …,” Accuweather’s Bernie Rayno said during a Tuesday evening Periscope broadcast on Twitter.

“And it’s going to be in northern New England.”

His network predicts 2-4 inches of snow for Pottsville on Saturday. Here, you’ll see their Snow Probability chart. They think we’ve got a 45% chance of getting between 2-4 inches. There’s a 23% chance we could get between 4-8 inches, Accuweather says.

january 18 snow total accuweather

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is calling this Winter Storm Jacob and is predicting the highest amount of snow for Pottsville, as of Wednesday morning.’s 10-day outlook shows Pottsville getting 5-8 inches of snow on Saturday. Expect rain and snow on Saturday night, they say.

january 18 snow total weather channel


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