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We’ve already seen how Schuylkill County’s Christmas Tree at the White House looks all decorated.

The Christmas tree from Mahantongo Valley Farms near Pitman stands about 18 feet tall in the White House Blue Room.

The Trumps accepted the tree at the White House just after Thanksgiving this year, when farm owner Larry Snyder had a chance to meet First Lady Melania Trump.

Melania is responsible for the White House Christmas decorations during her husband’s FIRST term in office.

About a month ago, the First Lady released a video of the Blue Room tree all decorated along with the rest of the White House. It’s safe to say, Melania spares little expense in decking the White House halls for Christmas.

But in a video posted to Twitter today, Melania shows us how the tree from Schuylkill County-ish got to be so well-trimmed.

Turns out, all you need to decorate an 18-foot Douglas fir is two scaffolds, thousands of lights, hundreds of decorations, and an army of staff and volunteers.

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