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Have you heard? They’re running low on the 2019 Hess truck!

hess toy truck 2019

Hess Toy Truck 2019

Run, don’t walk, to the nearest online device to get yours right now. Buy 5 if you can.

It’s only $35.99. And really, you’re getting two different trucks in one! The 2019 Hess toy truck is really a tandem tow truck.

The latest Hess truck’s got 66 LED lights, 4 different truck sounds, and a push-friction motor. For the $35.99 they’re asking for the 2019 Hess truck, dey’re t’rowin’ in da batt’ries. Energizers, too. No dollar-store nonsense.

At that price, you can afford a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and Christmas is saved.

No, we’re not getting any money from the folks at Hess. But if you buy these up really fast, they’ll stop playing the commercial.

Hess Truck Commercial – The Ultimate Christmas Earworm?

Probably one of the most notorious Christmas earworms is the Hess toy truck jingle.

And you can bet that once we start getting near Thanksgiving, you’re going to start hearing it … and hearing it … and hearing it.

This year was no different. The commercial airs so much you’d think it would blend into the background. But nope, not a chance.

We’ve had the Hess truck commercial jingle stuck in the Canary’s head for at least 3 weeks.

(TRIGGER WARNING) Here’s the 2019 Hess toy truck commercial:

Even when you’re not actually hearing it, you can hear it in your head.

The Hess toy truck jingle is a parody of the song “My Boyfriend’s Back”. And although Hess has been producing a toy truck for Christmas since 1964 — sometimes it’s not a truck — they’ve only been using this jingle since 1988.

It’s the jingle’s first line that gets stuck in your head: “The Hess truck’s back and it’s better than ever …”.

So when you get one of these earworms, everyone knows the best way to cure it is to just sit down and listen to the song that’s stuck.

Here’s one from a couple years ago. “It’s a dump truck this year, the Hess truck’s here”:

For whatever reason, listening to the Hess truck jingle to get it unstuck from your head only makes it worse.

Just please, make it stop.


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