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It’s news the parishioners at St. Stephen Church in Port Carbon knew was coming: the church is closing.

In fact, the Christmas celebrated at St. Stephen’s in Port Carbon will be its last. The final day for St. Stephen Church in Port Carbon is Jan. 12, 2020.

It will now be merged with St. Clare of Assisi in Saint Clair.

St. Stephen Church in Port Carbon Closing

Over the weekend, St. Stephen administrator Monsignor William Glosser delivered the news. He told parishioners in Port Carbon that their church is closing.

He referenced a report sent to these parishioners in October, according to a release from the Allentown Diocese. In that letter, he wrote: “Since assuming duties of parish administrator in 2016, I have made known to the parish our serious financial situation.”

Decreasing attendance means less in the collection plate. And the cost of making repairs to the Port Carbon church became too much. If the church demanded some major repair, St. Stephen’s would be out of options.

“We must be practical and honest in our looking to the future,” Glosser added.

Upon hearing Glosser’s report, Bishop Alfred Schlert decided to close the Port Carbon church and merge its parishioners with those in Saint Clair.

The Diocese says sacred images, vessels, furnishings, and altars will be removed from St. Stephen Church and dispersed to either St. Clare of Assisi or to other churches. If someone buys the St. Stephen Church, the money from the sale will go to the Saint Clair parish, the Diocese says.


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  1. Lynne Medley February 9th, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    Sad to hear about the church closing. My Irish ancestors helped build the church.


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