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A double meteor shower over Schuylkill County could result in fireballs blazing across the sky tonight.

You could see as many as 25 meteors streaking across the sky per hour around midnight.

According to, conditions tonight should be ideal in Schuylkill County for viewing the meteor showers.


Double Meteor Shower Over Schuylkill County Tonight

Sky watchers get to see a pair of meteor showers at the same time tonight. According to, the Southern Delta Aquariids and Alpha Capricornids meteor showers will grace the sky tonight at the same time.

Tonight – July 29 – is the perfect night to see both.

Of course, you’re going to have to wait until dark to see them. You may actually have to wait until after midnight to see the most activity.

And one of the top tips for viewing a meteor shower, according to, is to allow some time for your eyes to adjust to the night sky. That way you’ll actually be able to see the meteor showers instead of telling people you saw them.

Viewing conditions could be impacted if the sky turns cloudy tonight. Another top tip for viewing meteor showers is to avoid areas with a lot of light or pollution, so areas with brighter street lights may have a harder time seeing any meteor shower activity.

Where to See the Double Meteor Shower in Schuylkill County

Being in a place like Pottsville may make it tough to see a quality meteor shower, at least as good as the one everyone’s so hyped about tonight.

You’re going to need a dark sky and darkness around you. So, think of some more rural locations around the coal region. A well-lit parking lot is not an ideal location, either.

Then, look up and toward the southern horizon.

Fireballs in the Sky

We mentioned something at the top about fireballs in the sky.

So, there are two separate meteor showers. The Southern Delta Aquariids are going to produce the most activity but they’ll be faint in the sky. It’s the Alpha Capricornids that should produce some fireballs. According to the American Meteor Society, “his shower is not very strong and rarely produces in excess of five shower members per hour. What is notable about this shower is the number of bright fireballs produced during its activity period.

If you miss tonight’s meteor shower show, don’t forget to check out the Perseid meteor shower on Aug. 12, according to Thrillist.

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