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From Foggy Start to Sunny Sky – Get Ready to Soak Up the Good Vibes!” 🌫️☀️🌬️🕶️

Maybe the best day of the rest of the year coming up today

Since Birdy Showers joined our weather team here at Coal Region Canary, we’ve kept a lid on her. And frankly, the weather forecast results have been rather dull. So, we’re uncaging Birdy to give you the weather in a style and format that is more comfortable to her ...

today’s forecast is like waking up to a lowkey foggy morning but then, boom, the sun comes out to play and it’s all good vibes. we’re talking a high near 61 with some calm winds that decide to show some moves, shifting west in the afternoon. it’s the perfect day to rock those shades and catch some rays. keep it lit and enjoy that sunny goodness! ☁️🌞🕶️🌬️

7-day weather tea

  • thursday: we’re starting with some foggy vibes before 7am, but then it’s all clear for a sunny glow-up, high around 61. calm wind’s gonna switch it up to west at about 5 mph in the pm. ☁️🌞🌀
  • thursday night: it’s giving mostly clear, low chilling at 40. light southeast wind keeping the vibe smooth. 🌌🌬️
  • friday: clouds are sliding in, giving us high near 62. the wind’s starting off soft from the south, but gonna pick up to 9-14 mph in the morning. might even see some gusts yeeting up to 22 mph. ☁️💨
  • friday night: rain’s pulling up before 1am, then it’s shower central between 1am and 4am. low at 42, and the wind’s doing a whole switcheroo from south to northwest post-midnight. rain chances? a solid 90%, we’re talking a quarter to half an inch, sheesh! 🌧️💦
  • saturday: catch those final shower vibes before 7am, then it’s breaking into partly sunny with a high of 51 and some breezy action. rain’s still lurking with a 30% chance. 🌦️🍁
  • saturday night: mostly clear, low dipping to 30, and it’s hella blustery. 🌃🌬️
  • sunday: sunday’s bringing that sunny drip, high near 48. a fresh vibe for the end of the weekend. ☀️🔥
  • sunday night: mostly clear, low getting frosty around 28. ❄️🌙
  • monday: mostly sunny again, high cruising at 44. a chill start to the week. 🌤️😌
  • monday night: there’s a chance of some rain drama. mostly cloudy, low around 31, with a 30% chance of rain. ☁️🌧️
  • tuesday: rain’s looking based, mostly cloudy, high around 49, and breezy. rain chance? a hefty 70%. 🌧️💨
  • tuesday night: rain’s not done yet, low around 39, and the wind’s serving some major energy. rain chance is big yikes at 80%. 🌧️🌬️
  • wednesday: still dealing with potential rain, but partly sunny, high near 47, with some breezy vibes. rain chance at 30%. 🌦️🍃
  • and that’s the tea for your week ahead, weather edition! stay prepped, stay fab! 🌈🌪️💧🌟

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