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monday’s mood: sunny sky & chill vibes

Very little chance of rain all week.

Since Birdy Showers joined our weather team here at Coal Region Canary, we’ve kept a lid on her. And frankly, the weather forecast results have been rather dull. So, we’re uncaging Birdy to give you the weather in a style and format that is more comfortable to her ...

ayyy coal region squad, it’s ya girl birdy showers droppin’ the deets with a whole new vibe. 🌧️🔥 so, guess what? the bosses at coal region canary finally got the memo and ya girl birdy is now servin’ up weather tea in the realest way possible – no cap. 🚫🧢

yo, check it, here’s the 7-day weather rundown for schuylkill county 🌤️📆🔍

  • monday: sun’s out guns out ☀️🔫, highs hitting a cool 49. morning’s chill, but by afternoon, the wind’s yeeting up to 5-10 mph from the southwest. 🌬️
  • monday night: mostly clear, temps dropping to about 34. west wind’s showing some muscle, blowing 7-15 mph, gusts might yeet up to 23 mph. 💨🌃
  • tuesday: more sunshine, high near 51. northwest wind’s playing it strong at 13-18 mph, gusts could flex up to 26 mph. ☀️💪
  • tuesday night: sky’s clear again, temps taking a dive to around 26. north wind’s chilling at 5-8 mph, then calling it a night post-midnight. 🌌🌬️
  • wednesday: sun’s doing its thing, high near 51. ☀️
  • wednesday night: we’ve got some clouds playing peek-a-boo, low around 33. 🌤️🌜
  • thursday: sunny vibes all day, high hitting 56. ☀️😎
  • thursday night: a bit of cloud cover, temps dipping to 39. 🌙☁️
  • friday: heads up, rain might slide into the scene after 1pm. mostly cloudy, highs around 57, and there’s a 30% chance of getting sprinkled on. 🌧️☁️
  • saturday: mostly sunny, high vibing at 54. a perfect day to get out and slay. ☀️🤘
  • saturday night: partly cloudy, low around 33. cozy blanket time! 🌓🛌
  • sunday: we’re closing the week with a lot of sun and highs near 48. a solid end to the week! ☀️🌟

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