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Who Won the Commissioners Primary in Your Precinct? A Look Inside the Numbers

Voters primarily chose who they knew best.

The hotly contested Primary Election for the 2 Republican Schuylkill County Commissioners nominations is nearly a week behind us.

While Larry Padora and Barron Hetherington were ultimately the winners of the night, securing those 2 nods, let’s take a look at how they won the vote by breaking down the precinct-by-precinct totals across Schuylkill County.

Before we look at the raw numbers, here’s an overview …

Total Precincts Won

As expected, Padora – who got the most votes last Tuesday – won the most precincts, 36 of the 125 in all.

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The second-place finisher, Hetherington, got the second-most number of precinct victories with 26.

Maria Casey, who finished 4th in votes, actually won the 3rd most precincts with 24. Mary Jo Moss, who came in third place behind Hetherington, won 23 precincts.

Jeff Dunkel picked up wins in 10 precincts. Ray Jones got 7, Dan Evans got 6, and George Halcovage won 1 precinct on the night.

What’s interesting is that in Padora’s 36 wins, he got 2,329 votes. That is nearly 40% of all the votes he received on the night.

By contrast, Hetherington’s 26 precinct wins got him 1,357 votes, or about 26% of his total. That means Hetherington won a nomination by the victory-by-a-thousand-cuts approach, in contrast to Padora’s approach to victory.

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Where Did the Candidates Perform Best?

Not surprisingly, voters of Schuylkill County tended to pick someone they knew or knew of at the ballot box last Tuesday. Each of the top-tier candidates who picked up multiple wins on Election Night performed best where they know Schuylkill County best.

For instance, Padora, of New Ringgold, who also owns a bread bakery business in Tamaqua, did best in that part of Schuylkill County.

In New Ringgold, for example, Padora got 30 votes and was only one of two candidates (Moss) to get double-digit votes.

He got 377 votes from Tamaqua’s 4 precincts but only won 2 of them, splitting them with Evans, who hails from Tamaqua.

Hetherington did well north of the mountain, as they say, and in more rural areas. He easily won his home precinct of Union Township, getting 175 votes. His next closest competitor there was Jones and his 70 votes.

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He also won 3 of Shenandoah’s 6 precincts, 2 of 3 in West Mahanoy Township, Ringtown’s 1 precinct, all of Frackville’s 3 precincts, and half of Mahanoy City’s 4.

Voters to Win Over in November

While Padora and Hetherington surely will be favored in November’s General Election, thanks to Schuylkill County’s heavy tilt to Republicans, each candidate has plenty of opportunity to bring more voters into their camp.

And they may want to start wooing those voters or have the candidates who rolled in those areas to back their candidacy.

For instance, Moss picked up 2,215 votes and performed well in highly-concentrated voter areas, namely in southern Schuylkill County

She won all of East and West Brunswick, Washington and Wayne townships’ precincts. She also got nearly 200 votes in South Manheim Twp for the win there, too.

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Moss also won the southern-ish boroughs of Auburn, Cressona, Schuylkill Haven, and Orwigsburg.


And while it’s not exactly a conservative hotbed, there are plenty of voters to convince in the City of Pottsville.

Padora finished 2nd in Pottsville, but the night belonged to Casey there. She picked up 355 votes and 5 precinct wins. Dunkel also did well in the city with 294 and won 3 precincts. Moss got 290 votes of her own in Pottsville, too.

Have a look at the precinct-by-precinct vote totals from the May 16 Primary. Check all the results of contested elections in the 2023 Schuylkill County Municipal Primary.

Ashland 1st15765018663114
Ashland 2nd82934127872017
Blythe Twp.241615402852424
Branch Twp.49601843551811352
Butler Twp. Englewood2019155828381714
Butler Twp. Fountain Springs305020111811466837
Butler Twp. Lavelle333411105561344738
Butler Twp. Northeast81294765
Cass Twp. North34047055
Cass Twp. South343011294396927
Delano Twp.31101211754
East Norwegian Twp.221792034123233
Frackville North2026165329272126
Frackville Middle161184723282122
Frackville South4239238664595335
Mahanoy City 1st831411136106
Mahanoy City 2nd139183121131911
Mahanoy City 3rd3111071610133
Mahanoy City 4th201318361491619
Mahanoy Twp.171917274481817
Minersville 1st30217241964826
Minersville 2nd21146141574517
Minersville 3rd12127101473217
Minersville 4th19207172053622
New Castle Twp.45254277
New Philadelphia183315173562428
Norwegian Twp. Currans64732166621011266
Norwegian Twp. Marlin283220484985438
Palo Alto 1st Ward2415163610
Palo Alto 2nd Ward213491831016
Port Carbon 1st19189152562031
Port Carbon 2nd2855213637154237
Reilly Twp.15184162722717
Ryan Twp.46658674102164323
St. Clair Middle6111013891113
St. Clair South1916272732102016
St. Clair North151631402142328
Shenandoah 1st66053273
Shenandoah 2nd3741889197
Shenandoah 3rd12101262017247
Shenandoah 4th863127894
Shenandoah 5th671211014153
Shenandoah 6th60244145
West Mahanoy Twp. Altamont1726133842423713
West Mahanoy Twp. 2nd3125147535372813
West Mahanoy Twp. 1st4701211986
Coaldale East10135413604109
Coaldale West910471481151412
Deer Lake16878565951118
East Brunswick Twp.3017920153140122934
East Union Twp.57395318992405664
Kline Twp.5519745381143833
McAdoo 1st2872934203109
McAdoo 2nd1783731223116
New Ringgold6167730251
North Union Twp.20171611138152636
Port Clinton4161319176
Rush Twp. East35351517418582212
Rush Twp. West2235168661387224
Rush Twp. Elixir13112827285142
Schuylkill Twp.1710558512122010
Tamaqua 1st121268259315166
Tamaqua 2nd161012527911258
Tamaqua 3rd1325108481045248
Tamaqua 4th2410742789111210
Union Twp.30602417554705841
Walker Twp.136079921246107
West Brunswick Twp. North3823220116109124046
West Brunswick Twp. South1713017529782940
West Penn Twp. 2nd19191045913081720
West Penn Twp. 1st2772118111189124119
Barry Twp.2925147235514512
Eldred Twp.1224174522283221
Foster Twp.9110111242216
Frailey Twp.7845812213
Hegins Twp. East3761135093455049
Hegins Twp. West36421473121877358
Hubley Twp.239134629122826
Mt. Carbon42036213
North Manheim Twp. 3rd135811433672927
North Manheim Twp. 2nd2181153574144426
Orwigsburg 1st30888635083117
Orwigsburg 2nd24109128310553831
Pine Grove North11314283162915
Pine Grove South1824822124159
Pine Grove Twp. 1st298456366137139
Pine Grove Twp. 2nd3178126691245737
Porter Twp. East3626162940144245
Porter Twp. West303410303696240
Pottsville 1st158591251021
Pottsville 2nd9174122112726
Pottsville 3-261069136105
Pottsville 3-1362510254983121
Pottsville 3-3213315272792019
Pottsville 4th2220592792930
Pottsville 5-11712261822410
Pottsville 5-227266233073736
Pottsville 6th15214182863819
Pottsville 7-12961155548107748
Pottsville 7-23357125850135259
Schuylkill Haven North19479243472410
Schuylkill Haven East2583184245131829
Schuylkill Haven South195213314154122
Schuylkill Haven West2711112615473327
South Manheim Twp.5219418100125436864
Tower City2626172434135334
Tremont Twp.7511921012
Upper Mahantongo Twp.5186152625157
Washington Twp. North25799445134635
Washington Twp. South21627455882520
Wayne Twp. 1st351443111387125353
Wayne Twp. 2nd4112219958384945
North Manheim Twp. 1st3086156591156645
West Penn Twp. 3rd182610089164102019
Wayne Twp. 3rd3586195362103561

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