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Report: Halcovage Releases Statement on Lawsuit Settlement Talks

Statement only released to legacy media that called for his resignation.

Embattled Schuylkill County Commissioner George Halcovage released a statement to legacy media outlets in the last few days regarding his ongoing legal battle.

Last week, we reported that Halcovage, Schuylkill County government, and the 4 Jane Doe plaintiffs agreed to return to the negotiation table to talk a settlement in the sexual harassment and employee retaliation lawsuit filed back in 2021.

That lawsuit was filed by 4 Schuylkill County Courthouse workers alleging Halcovage sexually harassed them over the course of more than a decade. The Commissioner has consistently denied the allegations against him, saying he’s innocent.

But public remarks from Halcovage regarding the lawsuit have been very limited. However, just ahead of the May 16 Primary Election, in which he’s seeking the Republican Party nomination against 7 competitors who’ve, mostly, been very vocal about the allegations he’s facing.

According to a report from Times News, Halcovage recently released a statement, breaking his silence on the lawsuit allegations. In part, Halcovage says:

“I am deeply troubled by the allegations of sexual harassment made against me. I want to be clear that I deny all accusations of wrongdoing.

“I take all allegations of sexual harassment seriously and believe that everyone has the right to a safe and respectful workplace. I have always strived to create an environment where my colleagues feel valued and respected, and it is deeply disappointing to hear that anyone has felt otherwise. My wife, children, and I for years have considered my now accusers as actual friends. This is especially hurtful.

“I will vigorously defend myself against these claims and I am confident that the truth will come out in due course.”

Halcovage addresses the recent update on this case. He says, “My intention was always to explain my position at a public trial, but I welcome mediating this dispute with the court.

“If the court is able to resolve these claims in a manner that lessens the emotional impact on all the parties and my family, I certainly welcome the court’s involvement in making that happen.”

Fake News?

A portion of the statement Halcovage released to the legacy media covering this story addresses possible fake news and other online posts regarding this lawsuit.

Halcovage’s statement says it’s “frustrating” that he can’t speak about the lawsuit he’s facing and says, “You have not yet heard from me what actually occurred. Don’t believe everything you read in the press or in blogs and webpage created by my opponents.”

NOTE: We’re not sure if he’s referencing Coal Region Canary, but among the the 3 media outlets covering this saga from the beginning, we’re the only one to not pen an article calling for him to resign from office amid the allegations. In fact, we published an editorial in 2021 – right after the lawsuit was filed – reminding our readers about the difference between allegations and facts.

Halcovage also says in his recent statement that “Weekly press accounts about the case, even when there is no new information, just inflames everyone’s emotions, and for no reason. Imagine how frustrating it is to read something in a newspaper or on a blog that you know is not true but you have no ability to comment on it.”

NOTE: Again, we’re not sure if he’s referencing Coal Region Canary, but if you read our Special Coverage page, you’ll see everyone one of our articles on this case has been based on some activity related to the case.

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