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Allegations are Just That … Allegations

facts vs allegations


facts vs allegations

Schuylkill County’s been rather rocked by the allegations that have come to light via the big federal lawsuit involving County Commissioner George Halcovage and other Courthouse officials.

But there’s one very important thing to remember through all this: The lawsuit is filled with allegations. And allegations are just that … allegations.

They’re not facts until proven in court.

Halcovage has countered the allegations against him with a simple defense: They’re not true.

We’ve very careful in our reporting on this story and any others involving allegations of crimes or criminal activity to use the word allegedly almost obsessively. Because, again, that’s what this lawsuit contains … allegations.

Even before this lawsuit was filed last week, the whole Halcovage Courthouse saga has been filled with accusations.

Over the summer of 2020, we heard story after story – some repeated in the lawsuit – about Halcovage’s alleged exploits.

Again, all merely allegations. Serious allegations, definitely. But they’re just allegations, not facts.

Now, of course, the people who believe he’s guilty are going to interpret anything said to back up that theory will say, “These are facts.”

But facts aren’t so until they’re proven in a court or admitted to by the accused.

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