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Is it Going to Snow on Wednesday? Here’s What We Know Now (UPDATED)

snow in schuylkill county

(This post is updated daily prior to the storm’s arrival.)

snow in schuylkill county

Is it going to snow on Wednesday?

We were tracking the latest on what could be the first significant snowfall of the season in Schuylkill County. And it turns out, we could only have been tracking a minor nuisance, at best.

Is it going to snow in Schuylkill County on Wednesday?

(Tuesday morning update)

After a few days of debating and waffling on what is going to happen here in Schuylkill County on Wednesday, the weather models are now pretty much in alignment. And they’re alignment says it’s unlikely to snow much or at all.

Snow Forecast Weather Models for Dec. 8 in Schuylkill County

On our Monday update, we noted that all the most popular weather models seem to be in agreement that there would be snow, albeit not much. They still agree on that but they also agree that the snow will be less than previously thought.


The GFS model was the model showing the most snow yesterday. It’s got a different look on Tuesday morning, a day away from the expected weather.

Now, the GFS shows most of Schuylkill County getting no snow. And those of us who do see snow won’t see much of it:


The latest European model shows the most amount of snow for Schuylkill County. But again, even that’s not very much. At most, some areas could see an inch of snow on Wednesday, based on this run:



The NAM model also agrees: It’s probably not going to snow much at all here on Wednesday.


What are the “experts” saying about the storm?

Now that you’ve seen what the models are suggesting, we suppose it’s only fair to check in on those weather “experts” and see what they’re predicting for Wednesday’s snow.


Accuweather is forecasting “an inch or two” for the Pottsville area on Wednesday.


The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel isn’t even putting a number on its snowfall prediction for Wednesday. It’s simply calling for “snow showers” to fall in the daytime.

National Weather Service

National Weather Service doesn’t see much happening on Wednesday either. Its Pottsville forecast simply calls for a “chance of light snow” on Wednesday with any of it falling before 1 p.m.

East Central PA Weather Talk

In his latest forecast at East Central PA Weather Talk, local weather enthusiast Ryan Fannock predicts some snow showers.

Don’t get used to it …

Regardless of what happens on Wednesday, if any snow does fall, it won’t last long. Temperatures are expected to rise into the mid- and upper-40s the rest of the week, so it’ll all be a distant memory by next weekend.



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