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More than 27% of Schuylkill County residents approved to get a COVID-19 vaccine have gotten their full dosage.

And more than 43% of locals over 16 years old have gotten at least a partial dose of the vaccine, according to data from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health. That follows the highest single week (April 4-10) of vaccine administration to local residents.

Much of the increase can be attributed to a new group of Schuylkill County residents made eligible through the state’s vaccine rollout plan. Last week was the start of Phase 1B of the rollout. At the beginning of this week, Phase 1C started but on Monday, the state suddenly made all adults eligible to receive the vaccine. So, it’s likely that the weekly numbers will increase, at least for a little while, with so many now able to at least schedule an appointment.

More than 27% of Schuylkill County Adults Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

However, that total may not rise if the mainstream media narrative that Republicans or conservatives don’t want the vaccine more than Democrats is true. It’s not. There’s no evidence showing registered voters of a certain political party are more hesitant than others to get vaccinated against COVID.

Democrats, at least the far-left fringe of the party, does seem to favor the idea of a vaccine passport more than Republicans, but the only “evidence” for that is polling and a glance at social media.

Polls and social media, of course, aren’t evidence.

That doesn’t matter to the big science believers in the White House. Earlier this week, the Biden administration appeared to push this false narrative even further and says it’s doing all it can to reach white conservatives.

Public Service Announcements, bought by you, are running right in the white conservative’s wheelhouse, according to the out-of-touch Biden administration. They scheduled these PSAs to run during Deadliest Catch, NASCAR races, and on CMT.

Racially profile much?

Destroying the Republicans Don’t Want the Vaccine Narrative

The rate of vaccination in Schuylkill County certainly doesn’t help that mainstream narrative. Republicans have outvoted Democrats by a 2-to-1 margin lately but nearly half the adults in the county have already gotten at least a partial dose of the vaccine.

From April 4-10, more than 8,400 doses were administered. More than 4,500 got topped off with their second dose or got the currently paused Johnson & Johnson vaccine. That beats the previous high week – ending March 13 – when more than 7,600 doses were administered.

The number of vaccine doses given out in Schuylkill County had started to dip in recent weeks as Phase 1A started to drag on.

Here’s the chart we’re compiling with updated vaccine data, available from the Health Dept.:

covid vaccine schuylkill county april 10

The state says more than 29,000 Schuylkill County residents have gotten their full COVID vaccination dosage. More than 76,000 doses have been given out in total since they started going out in December 2020.

We estimate the percentage of people who’ve gotten the vaccine by dividing the number who’ve received it by the approximate number of people over the age of 16 in Schuylkill County (105,000)

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