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shenandoah man arrested following standoff with police over pfa violation

A Shenandoah man was eventually taken into custody by police last week but he didn’t go quietly.

According to information released by State Police in Frackville, they showed up at a home on N. West St. in Shenandoah at about 9 a.m. on April 1. They were there to serve a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order to 43-year-old Michael Teaschenko.

When police arrived at Teaschenko’s home, they knocked and he answered. When he saw it was the police, he slammed the door in their face.

Police called in for a little back-up and again, they were able to make contact with Teaschenko. But that’s when his behavior allegedly went a little off the rails.

Teaschenko started yelling that he wasn’t going to jail. He also threatened to burn down his house. He continued to prevent police from getting inside his house and Teaschenko wasn’t about to give himself up.

That’s when police decided to end the hostile but non-violent standoff and rush the building. Police say they took Teaschenko into custody after they were able to break into his home.

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