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Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

Schuylkill County Volunteer Fire Company, Several More Businesses Cited for COVID Violations

alcohol without a meal meme

alcohol without a meal meme

A Schuylkill County volunteer fire company along with several local small businesses were recently cited by Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Enforcement for COVID-19 mitigation violations.

These establishments are accused of not requiring face masks on employees and customers at all times, serving alcohol without food, serving booze after 11 p.m. and for allowing customers to take a sip of alcohol after midnight.

Everyone knows by now that if you don’t serve a proper meal with alcohol, you’re basically serving someone COVID in a glass. That’s not us talking; it’s science.

The LCE citations were for violations recorded since the end of last year.

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Schuylkill County Volunteer Fire Company, Businesses Cited for COVID-19 Violations

serving alcohol without a meal

On Dec. 31, 2020, the LCE says Community Fire Company of Landingville served a customer at its bar. This alleged violation happened during Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s vindictive orders against restaurants from being open to in-person dining from mid-December through the beginning of 2021.

Wolf and then-Health Secretary Rachel Levine made this order with little evidence to support the notion that restaurants and bars are the likely source of the coronavirus being spread in the community. They did so with little warning, too, and without being prepared to handle a rush of Unemployment Compensation claims at the state level.

LCE says the fire company in Landingville not only served a customer at the bar, they allowed a customer to eat that food inside the establishment back on New Year’s Eve.

Several businesses were hit with COVID violations from the LCE, too.

On Jan. 9, LCE says at Hiller’s Hideaway in Tamaqua they did not require customers to wear face masks in areas where people weren’t eating (like entering and leaving) and that it didn’t provide face masks to employees there. Allegedly, Hiller’s Hideaway also served a customer alcohol and allowed them to drink it there without serving a meal with it.

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The horror.

Much of the same was happening at The Port Bar & Grill in Port Carbon back on Jan. 20. The company was cited for not requiring face masks on customers where state orders require them and not providing masks to employees. The Port Bar & Grill also served some booze without a meal, served someone seated at the bar, and allowed people to eat, drink and be merry without being seated at a table or booth.

The company served someone seated at the bar on Feb. 4, too, according to information from LCE.

Then, on the 28th of January, LCE noticed several COVID order violations at Bum’s Rush Restaurant in Orwigsburg. The same shenanigans were going on there, too, police say. No mask requirements of customers was one violation noted there. Another was the lack of 6 feet of social distancing between dining parties at the business. Bum’s Rush allegedly also sold someone a drink without a meal that day, too.

Earlier this month, LCE was at Rosie’s Tavern & Grill in Middleport and observed some alleged COVID violations there, as well. Again, with the masks. Rosie’s didn’t require them on customers and failed to provide them to employees, LCE alleges. The business is also accused of serving booze without a meal, serving drinks after 11 p.m. and allowing customers to drink there after midnight.

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  1. Sick of Wolf

    February 27, 2021 at 10:58 am

    Real nice Fuhrer Wolf. Go cite a volunteer fire company and businesses who are just trying to survive in this cesspool world you have made of Pennsylvania. Wolf is the one who needs to go to arrested and sent to jail along with his former him shim who were directly responsible for all the deaths of those poor nursing home residents who were forced to live with Covid patients that Fuhrer Wolf and Ricky Levine sent there. What a disgrace to have Wolf as the governor of this once great state. All you have to do is look to Florida. No restrictions or business closings, low covid rate. You do the math. Wolf is nothing but a leftist radical political operative for the socialist Democrat party.

  2. Jmjtusa

    February 27, 2021 at 9:32 pm

    The craziness of the tyrant and tranny…
    Demon-rats seeking to destroy the commonwealth..
    & the sheeple roll over…

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