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2020 Election

Hypocrite Tom Wolf Silent on Social Distancing Violations at Biden Whistle Stop in Greensburg

biden greensburg pa

biden greensburg pa

Joe Biden was greeted by his biggest group of supporters in public on Wednesday during a stop in Greensburg.

Biden’s on a whistle stop tour, taking a train on a multi-state journey. And when he stopped in Westmoreland County on Wednesday, there were actual people there to meet him.

But it would normally be too many people for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s liking.

Maybe as many as a couple hundred people packed outside the Greensburg train station to get a glimpse of Biden. Most appeared to be wearing face masks but they definitely weren’t practicing social distancing.

Wolf Stays Silent on Biden Violating Social Distancing Recommendations

Strangely though, Wolf doesn’t seem to have anything to say about this violation of his face mask and social distancing requirements. That’s because those things only matter to Wolf when Republicans and Trump supporters gather.

Sure, they gather in larger numbers than Biden supporters, probably because there simply are more of them, but after a recent Trump rally in Pennsylvania, Wolf issued a statement scolding President Trump for hosting these rallies.

Wolf said Trump was “dangerous” “manipulative” and “wrong” for hosting these rallies and basically inviting the China virus to it to potentially kill us all, the way he put it. But as is typical of Democrat leaders like Wolf, there’s a clear double standard.

It was rich enough that Wolf would admonish the President for his rallies when it was he, himself, who violated his own mandates back when Dauphin County was in the yellow phase of his reopening plan. That’s when Wolf decided it was OK for him to participate in a packed Black Lives Matter street protest in Harrisburg.

When asked about it by the press, Wolf dismissed his own actions by calling them “inconsistent” with his mandates. But he certainly didn’t to to the extreme of labeling himself as dangerous, manipulative, and wrong for participating in that BLM protest.

Instead, he tried to justify his actions by saying the protest was on an issue he felt strongly to support.

That must be the reason he has yet to issue any statement on the Biden campaign’s decision to host a gathering outside the Greensburg train station on Wednesday.

Of course, we don’t actually expect Wolf to issue such a statement. This is really tongue-in-cheek.

But what Wolf is saying by failing to at least mention the potential safety concerns caused by a gathering like Biden held this week is that if it’s for a cause or issue that agrees with his politics, the rules don’t apply.

He’s been like that since the start of the pandemic. He swears his actions aren’t political all the time. But no one has turned the pandemic into a political issue more than Wolf. He’s held Pennsylvania captive while he’s pushed a far-left agenda any chance he’s gotten.

If it’s for a cause that melts Wolf like the snowflake he is, the Governor will accuse you of ignoring science and putting everyone’s lives at risk.


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  1. Zillie8

    October 1, 2020 at 2:39 pm

    Well said, CRC, well said. The double standards are ad nauseam to the bone.

  2. Mark

    October 2, 2020 at 11:59 pm

    Tom Wolf is a hypocrite to the highest power… marches with BLM protesters who are bent on destroying our country (the Democrats favorite thing) and fails to chastise someone from his own party who does the same thing that he chided President Trump over. Wolf you disgust me beyond words… destroying our economy and the lives of countless Pennsylvanians who owned or worked at businesses you deemed unworthy to remain open during your left wing Anti Trump Campaign. What do you care Fuhrer Wolf, you are a millionaire.

  3. Frank

    October 4, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    Doesn’t really matter. Somehow Trump is responsible for every Covid death in PA and Wolf isn’t responsible for any. Some people actually believe this.

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