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The Grinch of Minersville, Part 2 – Back in the Habit

the grinch meth minersville part 2

the grinch meth minersville part 2


When we last heard of The Grinch, he was off to the slammer,

And for his meth customers in Minersville, it caused quite a clamor.

But it didn’t take long for The Grinch to leave jail,

Just two months in lock-up, someone posted his bail.


In order to avoid a really bad sequel,

The Grinch had to live life, tidy and legal.

You’d think he’d learn his lesson and keep his nose clean,

But he got back to old habits, selling meth in glassine.


bag of meth

(Image: License purchased via

Up until Wednesday, he had quite the business,

But police suspected he was being malicious.

They arrived at his house like the warrant demanded,

And caught the mean old Grinch filthy red-handed.

Alone in his cellar, The Grinch got busted,

But cops would find more in his car, old and rusted.

Cash and a scale were in his basement,

And his meth-dealer business cards made quite the statement.

That wasn’t all, for in his Impala,

Police found more evidence The Grinch was a balla.

the grinch minersville evidence

In the false bottom of some Morton Salt,

The Grinch hid his drugs so it was off to jail by default.

But before he got his three hots and a cot,

The Grinch had to stop for one last mug shot.

Darrin Lynch The Grinch

Tonight there’s no meth sold by Darrin Wayne Lynch,

A lengthy incarceration is likely a cinch.

The judge told The Grinch at his arraignment,

Prepare yourself for a lengthy detainment.

At 25-thousand straight cash bail,

His meth dealing days are over, a total FAIL.

Minersville’s streets are cleaner today for all 24 hours,

Thanks to the police work of Patrolman Jeffrey Bowers.

But give credit to others, forgetting them is silly,

Like state narco agents, County Sheriffs, and police in New Philly.



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