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“Triple Threat Flag” Stolen from New Ringgold Home

triple threat flag stolen

triple threat flag stolen


A New Ringgold man says someone stole what’s known as a “Triple Threat Flag” from his property yesterday.

According to State Police in Frackville, the incident happened some time before 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Scott Petery, 51, tells police the flag got swiped from the side porch of his house along Schuylkill Rd., East Brunswick Township.

Triple Threat Flag Stolen Near New Ringgold

So, you’re asking yourself, “Self, what the hell is a Triple Threat Flag?”

The Triple Threat Flag, as it’s known, is a flag combining 3 different flag designs into 1:

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  • American flag (Stars & Stripes)
  • Rebel flag (Stars & Bars)
  • Gadsden flag (Don’t Tread on Me)

Some people dig it. Other people hate it. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

Now, we hate to get our Jump to Conclusions mat here but it could be that this flag got stolen on account of the most recent uproar from people when they see the Rebel flag.

One thing is definitely the same for everyone though … stealing is definitely illegal. Just because something offends you or makes you virtue signal on social media about how good you think you are, nothing justifies stealing someone else’s property.

Of course, to be fair since we’re speculating a bit, there is a chance this is a hoax and this is some bizarre Schuylkill County Jussie Smollett incident unfolding, but that seems pretty unlikely, right?


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