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PA PRIMARY: Do You Need to Wear a Mask to Vote in the 2020 Pennsylvania Primary?

Are face masks required to vote in the PA primary 2020

A lot of voters are asking if face masks are required to vote in the 2020 Pennsylvania Primary election.

Short, direct answer: No. You don’t need to wear a face mask to vote in the 2020 Pennsylvania primary election.

Face Masks Not Required to Vote in 2020 Pennsylvania Primary Election

Although Gov. Tom Wolf and Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine constantly provide obtuse answers to the question on wearing masks in public, in general, Wolf made it abundantly clear during a recent press conference that face masks are not required to vote in the June 2 primary election.

Schuylkill County election officials have urged poll workers and Election Judges to wear a face mask when voters enter polling locations, they’re not required.

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Instead, they’re using the vague language they’ve been conditioned to use by Gov. Wolf. You may see signs that “strongly recommend” wearing face masks to the voting booth, but they’re not required.

Here’s an example of a sign you may see at your local polling location on Tuesday: FACE MASKS IN POLLING PLACE

Social Distancing at Polling Locations

Poll locations across Schuylkill County will be doing their best to adhere to all social distancing recommendations, however. So, when you enter the polls, you may see poll workers spread out. And voting booths will be spaced apart by 6 feet whenever possible.

Some polling locations in Schuylkill County have changed or been temporarily moved to accommodate these social distancing recommendations.

Know that poll workers and election officials are doing their best to follow these guidelines while also respecting your right to privacy and your right to vote on Election Day.

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Polling locations will have sanitation supplies as well as some extra masks on hand and will be working to keep voting areas open to the public clean throughout Election Day.


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  2. 1stworlder

    June 1, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    If people can loot & burn cop cars in Philly without a mask with cops told not to arrest most, was there any need to push for mail in voting?

    The (((Elite))) fear 11 men in a backyard bible study, more than they do blacks burning court houses, cop cars & ambulances.
    Proof can be seen in that NYC set murderers & child rapists free but put them up in hotels in WHITER areas of NY

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